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Practical Business Considerations: Realizing FIDO Authentication Solutions with GlobalPlatform Technologies

These white papers explain the value of FIDO authentication standards implemented based on GlobalPlatform technologies (including SE and TEE and the management of those) in different use cases. It highlights how FIDO U2F and UAF can be implemented securely by using GlobalPlatform technologies and demonstrates the involvement in certain FIDO authenticators (USB/BLE token, ID-card, eSE, eUICC, secure μSD, UICC, TEE). The business white paper primarily is intended to educate product managers and business analysts about the value of GlobalPlatform technologies in the context of FIDO authentication. The technical white paper informs system integrators and engineers how FIDO authentication can be implemented based on GlobalPlatform technologies.

Practical Business Considerations

Practical Considerations: Technical Overview

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