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GlobalPlatform's Value Proposition for the Public Transportation Industry: Seamless, Secure Travel Throughout Multiple Transportation Networks

This white paper explains how GlobalPlatform technology can add value to the subscription and management of e-ticketing solutions. The document is of interest to public transport operators, transportation authorities, fare management system integrators, equipment providers and consultants advising on the implementation of e- ticketing programs. The paper outlines how GlobalPlatform Specifications enable three applications to sit securely in a mobile phone – payment, transit and GSM. This allows the mobile device itself to become a transport ticket, permitting users to miss queues by 'tapping' their phone at terminals to gain access to transportation networks. This concept could support uninterrupted travel between cities or entire countries, as users can download travel tickets appropriate to the city they are in. It can also allow the management of additional customer services such as timetable access or bike rental.

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