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September 2021 Newsletter

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

Membership is the lifeblood of all industry associations and it is through your contributions and continued support that GlobalPlatform has thrived this past fiscal year. These valued contributions are highlighted in our annual report, which showcases the key technical initiatives of our organization and celebrates all that we have achieved together over the past 12 months. The report was shared with you last month along with your membership renewal letter. If you have not received the annual report, please contact

I’d also like to remind you to register for GlobalPlatform and Winbond’s upcoming workshop in Taiwan. Taking place on Tuesday October 5, the event is a unique opportunity to learn how standardized secure component technologies and certifications can be leveraged to optimize IoT initiatives. Register here and learn more below.

Want to simplify how your company’s IoT devices can securely connect to a network? Our Manufacturers Usage Description (MUD) Service is currently operating as a free beta service, to facilitate convenient and secure connectivity between device manufacturers and MUD file consumers around the world. Check it out!

It is so pleasing to also see our numbers and expertise grow. Already this year we have welcomed several new members, which you can read more on below.

Finally, if you have interest in leading the organization's strategic and marketing efforts to drive awareness and adoption of GlobalPlatform technologies across the ecosystem, then please consider applying for the role of GlobalPlatform Executive Director. Click here to learn more about the role.

Don’t miss our workshop on ‘certified trust’

GlobalPlatform and Winbond are hosting a free in-person and virtual workshop on October 5.

The workshop will provide insight on maximizing the value of standardized secure component technologies and certifications. Local security experts and GlobalPlatform specialists will discuss the latest use cases and device security solutions that are building trust in the ecosystem, helping delegates better understand how to improve their own IoT initiatives.

Key contributions and topics include:

  • Keynote addresses from Tung-Yi Chan (Winbond), Dr. Ser-Tsai Lee (Academia Sinica) and Dr. Wei-Bin Lee (Hon Hai Research Institute).
  • GlobalPlatform Technologies and Initiatives with Sebastian Hans and Chris Steck (GlobalPlatform), Ilia Stolov (Winbond), Saqib Ahmad (Oracle) as well as representatives from Arm.
  • 5G IoT Security Use Cases from Dr. T.C. Wu (Telecom Technology Center), Dr. Cally Ko (Delta Electronics, and Jean-Francois Gros (GSMA).
  • SESIP Certification with Gil Bernabeu (GlobalPlatform) and Carlos Serratos (SGS Brightsight).
Register now

Could you be our next Executive Director?

The Board of Directors Selection Committee continues its search for our next Executive Director.

The ideal candidate will be a progressive, experienced individual with strong managerial and / or executive experience. Responsibilities will include the coordination, execution and monitoring of GlobalPlatform’s roadmap strategy, as well as the development of strategic / marketing efforts to drive adoption of GlobalPlatform technology across connected industries.

If you have interest in this role, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  And please do share the job opening with your professional network.

Apply here

How is GlobalPlatform simplifying secure development?

GlobalPlatform’s TEE security scheme has already been widely adopted by key players in the market, with Alibaba, Huawei, Samsung, Trustonic, and Watchdata achieving successful certifications for their products.

Learn about the latest updates to the scheme and how they are reducing the time it takes to certify end products and devices, in addition to helping stakeholders align with regulatory, privacy and security requirements. It also assures device manufacturers and vendors that a product protects against threats and attacks.

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MUD File Service

GlobalPlatform’s Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) File Service helps device manufacturers publish the MUD file library associated with their product in a unique location. This allows network managers to automatically see the requirements of a connecting device to ensure they give the correct level of access.

In doing so, the service protects connected devices and the networks they connect to. As the number of IoT devices and device types continue to grow, the deployment of MUD files will help manage an expanding and varied IoT.

The MUD File Service is currently operating as a free beta service, helping users simplify the access routes their constrained end devices use to connect to a network. Find out more about the service on our website.

Learn more

GlobalPlatform membership continues to grow

As connected industries expand, collaboration between different stakeholders will be critical to ensuring the delivery of secure digital services and devices.

As a community of members working together to create collaborative and open ecosystems, we are pleased to welcome several new voices to the community this year: Intel corporation, Institute for Information Industry, MK Smart, PQ Shield, Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd. and Telecom Technology Center are pleased to add their unique perspective to the organization.  Please join me in welcoming them to GlobalPlatform!

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Technical Documents

New Document Releases

Specifications Under Review

This version updates the specification in light of TEE Management Framework (TMF) additions, requests for clarifications from Google, and new developments in TEE isolation.

This document has been made available for public review. Please provide comments by Monday September 13, 2021.

Speaking Engagements

The value of ISO 17065

Watch this short video to understand how GlobalPlatform’s ISO 17065 accreditation enhances the value of certifications achieved through our state-of-the-art functional and security schemes.

Watch here


GlobalPlatform will join the speaker line up from October 19-20 to deliver two presentations: ‘Security Technology Standards Matrix’ and ‘GlobalPlatform Certifications: Streamlining Security for Connected Industries’. Further details to be announced soon.

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Join Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, at TRUSTECH from November 30-December 2 to learn how GlobalPlatform’s TPS APIs can be used to build chains of trust between IoT devices and digital services.

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