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September 2020 Newsletter

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

GlobalPlatform closed out the month of August with our IoT Security and Certification Schemes Workshop in Taiwan and the annual Board of Directors Strategy Meeting. Now we turn our attention to September.

This month we have the second of our two-part webinar series on MUD (Manufacturer Usage Description), hosted by Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, on Wednesday, 30 September. Members can also catch up on our first MUD webinar, which was hosted by Cisco’s Eliot Lear, by visiting the member-only site.

The GlobalPlatform all member Fall Meetings are also fast approaching. As was the case with our Spring Meeting, we will once again host our Fall meetings in a virtual manner.  The meeting agenda for the various committees and task forces will be forthcoming.

Join our second MUD webinar with Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu

On Wednesday, September 30, GlobalPlatform will hold the second webinar on MUD.

Hosted by our Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, the webinar will explain why a MUD file server is a critical component of an IoT infrastructure and share a demonstration from a GlobalPlatform developed operational MUD file server.  The MUD file server will be used by GlobalPlatform to better understand market requirements and interest in making the solution widely available.

Register here

Key discussion topics from the Board of Director’s Strategy Meeting

As you might suspect, many of the discussion topics related to IoT and Certification – two high priority areas for our members.  We have IoT activities underway in our IoT Task Force, the Trusted Platform Services (TPS) Committee and in IoTopia.  We looked carefully at these discrete activities with an eye to simplification and alignment to make it more effective and efficient for members to participate and contribute.  On this topic, a detailed announcement will be sent to members in the coming weeks.  The Board also dissected the input received from our SWOT analysis, the results of which will be shared during the virtual Fall All-Member meeting.  Stay tuned!

Read the blog here

Watch our first MUD webinar with Eliot Lear

For members that were unable to attend the first MUD webinar, the recording is now available on the member-only website.

The webinar, hosted by Cisco’s Eliot Lear, explores the security considerations that IoT manufacturers must consider when building connected devices, including how MUD files enable devices to securely interact with a network.

Watch the webinar

Blog: What is device attestation?

Another addition to GlobalPlatform’s Insight blog series, in which our TPS Committee Chair, Jeremy O’Donoghue, looks at device attestation.

In an expanding IoT, more devices than ever before are connecting to networks. With this comes an increased risk of tampered or ‘fake’ devices connecting to a network and carrying out attacks. Attestation helps a network to identify a device before it connects, through a secure component which acts as a Root of Trust (RoT), thus increasing confidence in the expanding IoT.

Read the full blog

Thank you for attending our Taiwan workshop

On 25 August, GlobalPlatform, alongside prime sponsor Winbond, hosted its IoT Security and Certification Schemes Workshop in Zhubei City, Taiwan.

The workshop, with its unique blend of 15 onsite and virtual speakers, offered almost 100 delegates the opportunity to learn about secure component technologies and the evaluation methodologies that support IoT manufacturers and certification bodies in establishing their own certification schemes.

The sessions fostered insightful discussions around IoT trust and the role that certification plays in helping IoT reach its full potential.

We would like to thank all delegates for attending the workshop, as well as special thanks to Winbond and event partners Arm and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) for their support.

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Technical Documents

New Document Releases

This document specifies a mapping between TMF OTrP Profile messages and TMF ASN.1 commands and specifies how OTrP request messages received by a TEE are mapped to TMF ASN.1 commands and the TMF ASN.1 response output to OTrP response messages.

This publication has now been made available for public and member download.


This minor version release includes additions and bug fixes such as an Added Fetch object to permit retrieval of public keys belonging to a SD, an added update TA and data for atomic updates.

This publication has now been made available for public and member download.


Specifications Under Review

The next version of the Secure Channel Protocol 10 (SCP10), which was previously contained in Annex F of the Card Specification, is specified in this new Amendment L. It will contain changes in the cryptographic mechanisms related the upgrade to the latest version of PKCS#1 and the upgrade from DES to AES.

This document has been made available to solicit public comments. Please provide your comments by Monday, 7 September 2020.


This document is the first complete draft of the MCU Root of Trust (MCU-RoT) Protection Profile submitted by Arm. As it is based on the TEE Protection Profile, a different version and a slide that summarizes the differences are provided to help analyze and provide comments.

This document has been made available to solicit comments from members. Please provide your comments by Monday, 14 September 2020.

Speaking Engagements

International Cryptographic Module Conference

Board Director and Security Task Force Chair, Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze, will deliver the virtual presentation ‘Using SESIP to Simplify Security Evaluation and Build Trusted IoT Products’ on September 22 at 12:00 – 12:30 EDT / 18:00 – 18:30 CET.

Learn more

Did you miss our SESIP webinar?

Our Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, NXP’s Eve Atallah and Brightsight’s Carlos Serratos explain how GlobalPlatform is supporting IoT device makers and certification bodies to adopt the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) methodology.

Watch the webinar

GlobalPlatform joins the Telecommunication Terminal Industry Forum Association (TAF)

Industry collaboration is critical to the future success of the IoT. We were pleased to join TAF for its IoT Security Task Force meeting on August 27, where Gil Bernabeu presented  ‘IoTopia and GlobalPlatform IoT Initiatives’. The presentation is available on the member-only site.

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