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November 2018 Newsletter

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

What a great month October has been! We’ve published fantastic news relating to the number of GlobalPlatform-certified Secure Elements shipped in 2017, and we’ve enhanced Secure Element deployment for payment-enabled wearables.

November promises to be another busy month, with three documents open for review and the Fall Meetings, which take place in Lisbon, Portugal from November 12-16.

We are also attending several industry events this month – read on to find out where GlobalPlatform will be speaking.

5.5 billion GlobalPlatform-certified Secure Elements shipped in 2017

We have calculated over 5.5 billion Secure Elements (SEs) deployed in 2017 were based on GlobalPlatform Specifications, an increase of over 1.5 billion from 2016. Additionally, over the last three years, more than one billion SEs were embedded within mobile devices, 100% of which were based on GlobalPlatform technology.

“These figures highlight the importance of GlobalPlatform’s Specifications and certification programs, and the central role the organization plays in enabling the protection of devices and digital services for all markets.” comments Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu.

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How GlobalPlatform is securing the Internet of Things

As the world of connected devices continues to grow, I spoke with influential media title, the Internet of Business, to discuss GlobalPlatform’s work to create open and collaborative ecosystems, covering everything from connected cars to eSIMs.

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GlobalPlatform enhances Secure Element deployment for payment-enabled wearables

The GlobalPlatform Financial Configuration supports the deployment of SEs in contactless-enabled wearables such as rings and wristbands. Chip and device makers, banks and app developers now have an implementation guide to launching wearables that can be remotely updated and support multiple applications including payment, access control and transport ticketing.

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Is your meter smart enough to defend against attack?

As the global need for power and clean energy grows exponentially, traditional energy markets are rapidly transforming.

Sophie Bessin-Py, IoT Security Marketing Communication Manager, Gemalto, has written a guest blog focused on securing smart meters and decentralized global systems.

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Fall meetings 12-16 November, Lisbon

The deadline for registering attendance has closed and we have released the agendas for the Joint Task Force and Security Task Force meetings, taking place on Monday 12 November and Tuesday 13 November.

Both meetings will provide an update on current activities, as well as presentations from expert speakers. If you have not received the agendas via email, you can find them in the Global Calendar.

For those unable to attend, meeting minutes and all presentations will be made available via the member website one week following the event.

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Technical Documents

Specifications Under Review

This protection profile constitutes the reference for the Common Criteria (CC) evaluation of GlobalPlatform Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which aims to enable mobile security services such as content protection, rights management, corporate policies and payment. The attack potential is now simply ‘Enhanced-Basic’, still linked with AVA_VAN.2. The delta document is also provided to help the reader.

This document is now available for member review until Friday, November 9 2018.

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This document specifies the GlobalPlatform TEE compatible realization of the OTPA v1.0 Open Trust Protocol (OTrP) and JSON encoding for OTrP messages.

This document is now available for member review until Saturday, November 10 2018.

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The aim of this document is to define the test environment and test cases to be used for testing an Open 2 Mobile API implementation. This document is intended primarily for the use of device manufacturers wishing to verify the Open Mobile API 5 implementation in their device.

This document is now available for public review until Friday, November 16 2018.

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Speaking Engagements


Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu will join the panel ‘Biometrics: Key for the Digital World’ on Tuesday November 27 at 15:00 to discuss the link between the physical and digital worlds and the importance of biometrics.


Emerging trends and technologies in financial services, virtual summit

Gil Bernabeu will join a virtual panel on November 27 at 05:00 EDT/ 09:00 BST/ 17:00 CST to discuss apps, security and payments. Gil will also deliver the webinar ‘Securing the future of mobile payments’ at 12:00 EDT/ 16:00 BST/ 00:00 CST.


We know about IoT security risks, but how do certification, frameworks and regulation help? Watch Gil Bernabeu’s panel discussion at, where he joins industry experts to discuss who needs IoT certification.

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