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May 2018 Newsletter

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Spring Meetings in San Diego - we were pleased to see so many members actively participating in our discussions.

The week began on Monday with a Joint Task Force meeting, including presentations on the Wearables Requirements Document, IoT payments using FitPay, drone security and trust, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Security Framework, oneM2M open source projects, GlobalPlatform’s IoT Compact SE Configuration and a report on the finalization of the Secure Media Path Protection Profile (SMP-PP) Requirements Document.

Tuesday was another full day, starting with an IoT workshop featuring presentations on the ENISA initiative, entity attestation, Root of Trust (RoT) perspective from the Trusted Computing Group, PKI for IoT devices, IoT cloud, and using manufacturer usage descriptions (MUDs) to help manage billions of ‘things’. Later, the Security Task Force further explored RoT and secure boot, blockchain, Common Criteria and an update from the Crypto Sub-Task Force.

The remainder of the week was dedicated to Technical Committee meetings, including gatherings of the recently created Trusted Platform Services (TPS) Committee, and the TEE Committee and associated working groups (Specifications, Labs and Security).

All presentations from the week are now available for review on the member-only website here.

SAVE THE DATE:  A reminder that our Fall Member Meetings will take place in Lisbon from 12-16 November. We look forward to seeing you there!

Important announcement: GlobalPlatform annual seminar returning to Beijing

In our March newsletter we announced that our annual seminar would take place in Shanghai. However, after careful examination of venue options, we concluded it would be best to return to Beijing in 2018.

The ‘Security in our Connected World’Seminar will take place on Wednesday, 19 September at the Sheraton Grand Beijing Dongcheng Hotel. On Thursday, 20 September, we will also host a technical workshop. We will be announcing the agendas for both sessions shortly.

We are also extending the Call-for-Papers deadline to give our members more time to consider their contribution. If you are interested in making a submission please send a brief presentation title and synopsis in English-language only before Friday, 25 May 2018.

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Combining the strengths of oneM2M and GlobalPlatform to tackle IoT security

GlobalPlatform's Technical Director Gil Bernabeu and oneM2M's Security Working Group Chair Francois Ennesser discuss the new security requirements, challenges and issues associated with an interoperable IoT, and how they can be addressed through industry collaboration on page 10 of Connect World APAC edition.


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Did you miss? An exploration of TEE - security for mobile payments, DRM, IoT & FIDO authentication

In this webcast, GlobalPlatform Technical Director Gil Bernabeu provides an introduction to Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and its use cases, including the protection of mobile payments, premium content, FIDO-based authentication and IoT.


GlobalPlatform Training Calendar - new for 2018!

We are pleased to announce details of our 2018 training calendar. The completely updated and refreshed training sessions cover the fundamentals of TEE and SE, as well as specialized sessions for Payment / Mobile Contactless, Mobile Identity / Government and IoT Platform Security. All training sessions are led by a GlobalPlatform Qualified Instructor.

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Technical Documents

New Specification Releases

This specification is to be used by Trusted Application developers relying on biometric recognition for authentication of the user and confirmation of user acceptance. This document defines and specifies the discovery and identification of all biometric capabilities and the use of biometric functionality supported by hardware, entirely protected inside the TEE.

It is available for free download on the member and public website.

Download Here

This specification defines a low-level interface to a frame buffer and input events, which Trusted Applications can use to create custom user interfaces. The event loop can also be used to retrieve events from other peripherals not related to TUI. Because of this, the event loop will be moved to TEE Internal Core API in v1.2.

It is available for free download on the member and public website.

Download Here

Specifications Under Review

This document specifies configuration requirements for implementing the TMF initial configuration of GlobalPlatform TEE Specifications. The configuration defines two sub-configurations, Model A and Model B, that are judged to applying to two broad use cases; basic IoT devices and powerful and capable devices.

The document is now available for member review. Please provide your comments in the form available and send to by Monday, 21 May 2018.


his document is the first GlobalPlatform Open Mobile API version following the transfer from the SIMalliance. The API enables mobile applications to access different SEs in mobile devices, such as SIMs or embedded SEs.

The document is available for public review. Please provide your comments in the form available and send to by Monday, 21 May 2018.


This specification defines a set of C APIs for the development of Trusted Applications (TAs) running inside a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). The revision between 1.1.2 and 1.2 makes several major changes.

The document is now available for member review. Please provide your comments in the form available and send to by Thursday, 24 May 2018.


This document presents a Java Language API binding for the GlobalPlatform Open Mobile API Transport Layer that specifically targets the Android Platform from Android P onwards. This document is intended to be read in conjunction with GlobalPlatform Open Mobile API v3.3, which contains detailed descriptions of expected API behavior. An Open Source implementation of this API forms part of the Android Platform from API Level 28 (Android P). The source code is available from

The document is now available for member review. Please provide your comments in the form available and send to by Monday, 28 May 2018.

Speaking Engagements

International Cryptographic Module Conference

Board Member and Security Task Force Chair, Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze, will deliver a presentation on ‘GlobalPlatform: Cryptography Algorithm Classification and Crypto Agility’ at 2:15PM on Wednesday 9 May.

More Info

Securing the IoT Virtual Summit

Our Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu will deliver a webinar on ‘The Future of IoT and Cybersecurity’ at 5AM PST / 2PM CET / 8PM CST on Thursday 14 June.

More Info

Did you miss our webinar with oneM2M?

Our Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu joins François Ennesser, Chairman of the oneM2M Security Working Group, to explain how security solutions from both organizations can be leveraged to address diverse security requirements in both consumer and industrial IoT implementations.

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