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GlobalPlatform June Newsletter – Expert Videos, SESIP & IoT Security

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

GlobalPlatform is built on the expertise of member contributions to our committees, working groups and task forces. We recently sat down with a number of our experts to get their insights on technical priorities for this year, which include SESIP recognition and adoption, supporting the evolution of TEE technology and helping more stakeholders from connected industries access the benefits of GlobalPlatform technology. Watch the videos on our YouTube channel to learn more about the work we’re doing and our vision for the future of IoT device security.

Following the success of our SESIP workshop in Austin, we have also published a blog that summarizes the key takeaways from the day, how the methodology is reducing complexity in security evaluation processes and how it aligns with other important industry standards. We have also added speaker presentations for download. As a reminder, we’ll soon be launching our dedicated SESIP Training Sessions to teach stakeholders how it can help secure the IoT. To find out more, get in touch with me at

Finally, continuing on the theme of SESIP, I’d like to congratulate GlobalPlatform full member Winbond for achieving SESIP Level 2 certification for its TrustME® W77Q Secure Flash. It is wonderful to see how this methodology is helping address complexity and drive innovation in the IoT ecosystem.

Expert Insight Interviews

We recently published a series of video interviews exploring some of the key topics, trends and use cases that GlobalPlatform is addressing. Experts including GlobalPlatform Chair, Stéphanie El Rhomri, and our Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, sit down to discuss GlobalPlatform’s position in the ecosystem, its roadmap for the future and how it is supporting stakeholders throughout the secure device ecosystem.

This series also features discussions on crucial use cases in the ecosystem. We explore how GlobalPlatform is supporting the healthcare and automotive industries, and how our technical initiatives bring value to stakeholders building, certifying and managing trusted digital services and devices.

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MEMBER NEWS: Winbond TrustME® W77Q Secure Flash Obtains SESIP Level 2 with Physical Attacker Resistance Certification

GlobalPlatform Full Member Winbond Technology Ltd. has announced that its TrustME® W77Q Secure Flash has obtained Security Evaluation Scheme for IoT Platforms (SESIP) Level 2 with Physical Attacker Resistance Certification. This is providing connected devices with a higher level of assurance by requiring a vulnerability analysis and actual penetration testing on IoT platform design systems using Secure Flash in compliance with security and functional safety standards simultaneously.

The SESIP methodology is reducing the complexity, cost and time-to-market for IoT product manufacturers like Winbond, helping to bring greater trust to the IoT ecosystem.

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New SBOM Sub-Task Force

GlobalPlatform has launched a new sub-task force dedicated to analyzing and providing guidance on the impact of the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

Chaired by Gonda Lamberink, the SBOM sub-task force within the IoTopia committee will collaborate within GlobalPlatform and with external organizations, to define any necessary requirements for technology development in relation to SBOM. The group will also clarify the concepts of software transparency and assurance as well as provide guidance on consistent software transparency and data assurance exchange.

All GlobalPlatform members are eligible to participate in this group.

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BLOG: Hybrid Crypto - Anticipating the Break of Asymmetric Crypto

Chair of the GlobalPlatform Crypto Sub-Task Force, Beatrice Peirani, has published a blog exploring ‘Hybrid Crypto’ – the combination of two different algorithms that offer guaranteed security against multiple different attack models.

In the blog, Beatrice also explains how GlobalPlatform is helping stakeholders harness the power of hybrid crypto and aiding connected industries in mitigating potential threats by aligning with other Standards Development Organisations including NIST.

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Highlights from GlobalPlatform’s SESIP Workshop

We recently held our first Secure Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) workshop in Austin, Texas. This workshop treated delegates to an entire day of IoT security insights, highlighting the importance of collaboration between security schemes to safeguard the future of connected devices and industries. Our recent blog reflects on these discussions, sharing some of the key insights of the day on how stakeholders can utilize SESIP to safeguard connected ecosystems. You can also download speaker presentations.

Interested in learning more about SESIP? Get in touch to learn more about our upcoming SESIP training sessions by emailing

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Technical Documents

New Document Releases

Specifications Under Review

Speaking Engagements

GlobalPlatform to speak at Embedded World 2022

GlobalPlatform is speaking at this year’s Embedded World. Join Board member Jeremy O’Donoghue at 14:15 CET on June 23 for his presentation “Device APIs to Root of Trust: An Open-source Implementation Building Chains of Trust Between IoT Device Makers and Digital Services”.


VIDEO: Addressing IoT Security Trends With SESIP

In our recent video, Carlos Serratos explains how SESIP is supporting stakeholders throughout the IoT ecosystem and helping to address the security and regulatory trends influencing IoT markets.


VIDEO: The Evolution of Trusted Execution Environments & Secure MCUs

TEE Committee Chair Richard Hayton explores how Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) have evolved to meet changing market needs, with newly connected verticals such as Automotive requiring the rich security functions that TEE can offer. Richard also discusses how GlobalPlatform is supporting diversifying TEE technologies such as Microcontroller Units (MCUs).

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