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June 2021 Newsletter

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

The past month saw GlobalPlatform’s China Task Force host a live IoT Security Workshop, both virtually and physically in Beijing. It was great to welcome delegates safely to a physical event once again, as well as continuing to offer workshops virtually to those still unable to travel. Stay tuned for announcements about our next workshop in Taiwan.

Last month also saw GlobalPlatform announce an update to its Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) certification scheme to better support more stakeholders and promote collaboration. Furthermore, we have achieved an important milestone for our organization in gaining ISO 17065 compliance.

Looking ahead and we are excited to host our members for the annual technical meeting week, taking place from June 14-22, in which our various committees will discuss technical priorities for the year ahead.

GlobalPlatform achieves ISO/IEC 17065 compliance

By ensuring the compliance of its functional and security certification processes to ISO 17065, GlobalPlatform aims to demonstrate its state-of-the-art certification processes. This strengthens the value of the certificates vendors achieve through our schemes, supports existing relationships with our industry partners and positions GlobalPlatform to seize opportunities as IoT cybersecurity certification requirements evolve.

The certification process agreements have been updated to align with the terms used in the Certification Body Quality manual and process:

Though roles and responsibilities remain unchanged, it is important that all certifications now take place under the new agreements. We encourage members and other parties to contact any colleagues that may be impacted by these updates and begin internal processes of signature to avoid delays when beginning your next certification project.

View the updated scheme

Thanks for attending the CTF workshop

Last month GlobalPlatform’s China Task Force hosted a live technical workshop to educate delegates on technologies that are being used to future-proof IoT devices from security threats while also addressing regulatory requirements.

Taking place both virtually and physically in Beijing, the sessions included presentations from industry experts on how standardized technologies can be used to secure connected devices.

Workshop presentations can be found in the China Task Force Group of the member website.

View the presentations

GlobalPlatform updates TEE certification scheme

GlobalPlatform has updated its TEE certification scheme to enable security evaluation at different stages of the value chain – like silicon, component and OS, or device OEMS.

Through this new approach, GlobalPlatform is facilitating a collaborative, ‘building block’ approach to TEE certification, allowing more stakeholders to demonstrate the security of their offerings to manufacturers, vendors and end users.

Read the full announcement to get the thoughts of our Technical Director and TEE Committee Chair on the updated scheme.

See the announcement

Fime achieves GlobalPlatform certifications

Testing laboratory, Fime, has achieved twelve new GlobalPlatform qualifications for its cloud-based test tool, Global+.

The test tool has demonstrated its ability to perform state-of-the-art testing to support the adoption of innovative standardized technologies.

Read more

Join our annual technical week

Between June 14-22 our technical committees will host a series of meetings to discuss the upcoming priorities and initiatives for our organization over the coming year.

The meetings will take place virtually across the following dates:

  • June 14: SE committee meeting
  • June 15: TPS committee meeting
  • June 16: TEE committee meeting
  • June 17-18: Technical roadmap meeting
  • June 22: Joint committee meeting

We look forward to hosting members for the technical meeting week and thank participants for their valuable contributions to our organization’s work.

Find the joining details in our calendar
Technical Documents

New Document Releases

Specifications Under Review

The Open Firmware Loader (OFL) specification has been reviewed to create the v2.0 specification. Corrections and clarifications have been introduced, as well as changes resulting from requests and discussions with ETSI TC SCP. These include: the addition of X.509 certificates, certificate revocation and an optional separate PKI for the IDS.

This document has been made available for public review. Please provide comments by Friday June 18, 2021.

Speaking Engagements

Embedded IoT World

If you missed our presentation at this virtual event, there’s still time to catch-up on demand and learn about GlobalPlatform’s latest initiatives to standardize security, promote privacy and embed trust in the IoT.

Register to watch

The importance of crypto agility in the age of quantum computing

In this video, we speak to Beatrice Peirani, Chair of GlobalPlatform’s Crypto Sub-Task Force, about what crypto agility is and  its role in protecting data as quantum-computing advances.

Watch here

RISC-V Summit

Earlier this year our Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, attended the RISC-V Summit to speak about the value of TEE technology and how RISC-V and GlobalPlatform are working together to expand the benefits for the IoT.

Watch here
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