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June 2020 Newsletter

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

The past month saw GlobalPlatform announce its partnership with RISC-V International to continue in our mission to develop standards for securing IoT components and devices.

We have also established a new working group within our IoTopia Committee. The Device Intent Working Group will create and maintain documentation for the management of Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) files and we welcome input from across the membership.

And we are busy making final preparations for our annual Technical Meetings Week, which will be held remotely from June 17 – July 2. Please register your attendance on the member website.

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GlobalPlatform partners with RISC-V International to enhance security design of IoT devices

GlobalPlatform announced a partnership with fellow industry association, RISC-V to accelerate the development of standards for hardware-based components, such as Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), in IoT devices.

The partnership allows GlobalPlatform and RISC-V to align specifications and exchange information on hardware vulnerabilities and the functionalities required to overcome them. The short to mid-term goals of the partnership will focus on APIs for TEEs and Microcontroller (MCU) protection profiles.

Read the full announcement

BLOG: GlobalPlatform’s Chairman of the Board reflects on the organization’s evolution

In his latest blog, GlobalPlatform’s Chairman Nils Gerhardt explains how the organization has evolved over the past twelve months.

Nils discusses the new IoT frameworks and initiatives that have come to the fore over the past year. He also discusses the challenges presented by COVID-19 and GlobalPlatform’s response to the pandemic.

Read Nils’ blog

GlobalPlatform forms Device Intent Working Group

The new group, which is part of the IoTopia committee, will create and maintain documentation for management of MUD files provided or created by device manufacturers and certification of MUD files.

The group is Chaired by UL’s Gonda Lamberink. You can learn more about the work it will be carrying out on our member website.

Learn more here

Join us for our Technical Meetings this June

As we look towards the summer, it’s time to start thinking about our Technical Meetings which will take place remotely between June 17 and July 2.

As a reminder, the Board of Directors took the decision to schedule these meetings as virtual gatherings in light of COVID-19. We thank our members for their continued dedication to the GlobalPlatform mission in these challenging times.

Register for the meetings

EE News Europe explains how GlobalPlatform and RISC-V International are enhancing IoT security

The recent announcement of GlobalPlatform’s partnership with fellow industry association, RISC-V International, was featured in EE News Europe.

Last year, GlobalPlatform announced a record 50% year-on-year increase in the shipment of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), and the new partnership will accelerate the development of open standards for the hardware design of such components in connected devices.

Read the full article here
Technical Documents

New Document Releases

Specifications Under Review

A minor version release of the TMF ASN.1 Profile, with additions and bug fixes applied, including an added update to TA and Fetch Data, Fetch Object and added Get TA definition.

This has been made available to solicit public comments. Please share comments by Monday, 15 June 2020.


This document provides a low-level API for the bare minimum UICC functionality needed in low-cost constrained IoT devices.

This has been made available to solicit public comments. Please share comments by Monday, 25 June 2020.


This document specifies a mapping between TMF OTrP Profile messages and TMF ASN.1 commands and how OTrP request messages received by a TEE is mapped to TMF ASN.1 commands and the TMF ASN.1 response output to OTrP response messages.

This has been made available to solicit public comments. Please share comments by Monday, 29 June 2020.

Speaking Engagements

What is device attestation and why is it important?

In this video Jeremy O’Donoghue, Chair of the TPS Committee, explains how GlobalPlatform’s Entity Attestation API helps device manufacturers to determine the trustworthiness of a device.

Watch the video

How will crypto agility protect our data in the age of quantum computing?

With quantum-computing on the horizon, Beatrice Peirani, Chair of the Crypto Sub-Task Force, explains why crypto agility plays a crucial role in protecting our data.

Watch the video

IoT World and ICMC20

GlobalPlatform is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and we will keep members up to date on further details of our participation at these events.

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