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January 2021 Newsletter

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

I would like to wish all members a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, and to thank you for your continued support and contributions over the past 12 months. Your energy and commitment to collectively develop standards that enable secure digital services and devices to thrive is the heart and soul of GlobalPlatform, and I look forward to advancing these efforts with you in 2021.

As we head into January, I am pleased to confirm that it is going to be another busy quarter. We will soon publicly announce a virtual ‘SE for IoT’ Workshop which will take place late in February. The China Task Force is also finalizing preparations for its virtual workshop, which will be held on January 29 and the Japan Task Force will host its annual Secure Device Forum on January 22. Further details including how to register for each event are below.

And finally, a reminder that we have refreshed our public website with a new structure and content. This is part of an ongoing initiative to highlight the great work of our Technical Committees and Task Forces and educate key stakeholders in the connected ecosystem on the benefits of GlobalPlatform technologies and certifications. We will be making more changes throughout the year - stay tuned for further updates!

Join our Virtual ‘SE for IoT’ Workshop

GlobalPlatform is holding a free-to-attend technical workshop in late February to explore the value of Secure Elements (SEs) to secure and enrich the deployment of IoT devices. Through use cases and demonstrations, delegates will gain insight into why SEs add value and how they can be quickly, and cost effectively, integrated to offer Root of Trust (RoT) services.

Topics covered include GlobalPlatform SEs, multi-cloud authentication and communication using Java Card, on-boarding technologies, device connectivity based on SIM application engine, GSMA’s IoT SAFE service, tamper-resistant elements, and attestation.

We will keep you up to date on further details, including registration which will be available soon.

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Register for the CTF’s Virtual Workshop on January 29

The China Task Force is finalizing the workshop agenda and it will be forwarded to you shortly after its completion.

Keep an eye out for further details including the link to the registration website.

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NEWS: GlobalPlatform VPP Leveraged by ETSI

Last month GlobalPlatform announced that standards development partner, ETSI, is leveraging VPP technology to develop its Smart Secure Platform.

The news follows the release of the GlobalPlatform VPP white paper, which explains how developers can use GlobalPlatform’s VPP specifications to develop, enable and manage solutions that expand SE security benefits to support more use cases including those across banking, telecoms, identity, transport and retail markets.

Read the announcement to learn how vendors and standards organizations are building on GlobalPlatform technologies to innovate around integrated secure element (iSE) form factors.

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Insight series: Trusted Platform Services

Through the work of our Trusted Platform Services (TPS) Committee, GlobalPlatform is enabling greater trust between connected devices and service providers. In this blog, Committee Chair, Jeremy O’Donoghue, discusses the role of the Committee and how device makers can use TPS APIs to connect to digital services and unlock the full value of connectivity.

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WEBINAR: Using SESIP to Simplify IoT Security Evaluation

GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director, Kevin Gillick, and Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, are joined by guest speakers from Arm, Brightsight, ETSI, NXP, STMicroelectronics and TrustCB. The 60-minute webinar includes use cases and insights, to explain how the developer community can use the SESIP methodology to simplify security evaluation for IoT products.

Watch here
Technical Documents

New Document Releases

The next version of the Secure Channel Protocol 10 (SCP10), which was previously contained in Annex F of the Card Specification, is specified in this new Amendment L. It contains changes in the cryptographic mechanisms related to:

  • Upgrade to the latest version of PKCS#1
  • Upgrade from DES to AES

Specifications Under Review

This document describes requirements for a Biometric Payment Card (BPC), which is a smart card into which fingerprint biometrics have been integrated. It involves connecting a fingerprint sensor to the Secure Element (SE) on the card, either directly or with an MCU for processing of the sensor data as an intermediary.

This document has been made available for member review. Please provide your comments by Thursday, January 7 2021.


This presentation offers a common view of the Security Levels alignment occurring in GlobalPlatform between the GlobalPlatform Schemes and SESIP, as well as to align these views with the Cyber Security Act.

This document has been made available for member review. Please provide your comments by Thursday, January 21 2021.


This test plan addresses testing or validation of MUD files, comprising of three components:

  • On device proper support
  • Availability and correctness
  • Proper coverage of services offered by a device

It is intended primarily for use by device manufacturers and laboratories that want to test or validate the implementation of a device supporting MUD files.

This document has been made available for the IoTopia Task Force to review. Please provide your comments by Wednesday, 27 January 2021.

Speaking Engagements

Embedded World DIGITAL

Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, will join the speaker line-up at Embedded World Virtual 2021 to explain how developers can leverage the SESIP methodology and work with GlobalPlatform to simplify security evaluation. Join Gil’s presentation on March 1 at 06:15 PT / 08:15 CT / 15:15 CET.

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Embedded World DIGITAL

Gil will also attend the event on March 4 to deliver the virtual presentation ‘Standardizing the TEE – The IoT Opportunity’ at 05:30 PT / 07:30 CT / 14:30 CET

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Request a GlobalPlatform Speaker for your Event

GlobalPlatform is pleased to support our members and partners, by providing a speaker for workshops and events.

GlobalPlatform experts can provide  insight on a range of topics, including:

  • Product testing and certification
  • The SESIP methodology
  • Secure device lifecycle management
  • Mobile / contactless identity and authentication
  • And more…
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