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A Letter From GlobalPlatform's Executive Director, Kevin Gillick

It has been a busy start to the year.

GlobalPlatform has already published a Web API for Accessing Secure Elements and the GlobalPlatform TEE Management Framework (TMF) in 2017. Check out further information below and share your thoughts with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The GlobalPlatform Web API for Accessing Secure Elementsstandardizes the interface between web applications and secure elements, facilitating secure storage and processing for online services. This will enable developers of web services to build in advanced security features to protect online services against many types of attack and fraud.

The GlobalPlatform TMF details how trusted applications hosted on a GlobalPlatform compliant Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) can be remotely and dynamically managed. This enables service providers to remotely manage their trusted applications on any kind of connected device, including mobile and IoT devices, and so will be used by service providers, TEE implementers, device makers, trusted application providers and trusted application managers.

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Watch: Protecting cryptocurrencies with the TEE2

Our interview with Rivetz is now available to watch online.

New specifications available for public and member download3

Find out more about the Consumer-Centric Model Configuration.

Documents available for review4

Read a summary of the documents that are currently available for review.

Did you miss? 5

Our interview with FIME on ensuring TEE security

Upcoming speaker activity6

GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director will be presenting at the SCA Payments Summit in March

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Book your 2017 training now!

GlobalPlatform is offering a variety of training courses during 2017 in Paris, Seoul, Washington DC, Berlin, Shanghai, Munich and San Francisco. Check out the schedule for more information and to register.

Next up, we’re heading to Paris and Seoul with a range of classroom courses that are already filling up:

  • Paris – on April 3-7 we are running our Card Specifications, Secure Element Mobile Services Kit and Mobile/Contactless courses. All will take place at the Hilton Paris La Defense. Register now.
  • Seoul – on May 22-26 our trainers will host Card Specifications, Mobile / Contactless and TEE training sessions, at the Millennium Seoul Hilton. We are also offer an online Card Training option. Register now.

Special offer: We are also offering a fee reduction on Online Card Training to support training and development goals. Register by April 30, 2017 to receive the special rate of US$199 for GlobalPlatform members and US$399 for non-members. Register now.

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Our events can help you to reach stakeholders across the secure digital service ecosystem, from software developers and hardware specialists, right through to senior decision makers. Attendees represent a range of geographic markets and sectors, from payments and wearables to connected cars and smart transport, to government and ID.

Check out the GlobalPlatform sponsorship kit and video to learn more about our upcoming events and how we can help you to reach your key audiences.

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Watch: Protecting cryptocurrencies with the TEE

The Watch Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz, discuss how the TEE can protect cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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New specifications for download

The following specifications are now available for member and public download:

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Documents available for review

The following documents are currently available for member review:

  • GlobalPlatform Device Technology TA Portability Tools Requirements v0.0.0.7. There are many different implementations of the GlobalPlatform TEE Specifications. GlobalPlatform has specified a set of common APIs, some mandatory and some optional, which enable portability of source code so that a given trusted application should be able to run on any GlobalPlatform Qualified TEE implementation subject only to recompilation. The purpose of this document is to enumerate requirements for a common build specification for trusted applications.

    Please provide your comments to the specification by completing the comment form by Monday, 6 February 2017.

  • GlobalPlatform Card Secure Channel Protocol ‘11’ Card Specification v2.3 – Amendment F v1.0.0.6 (toward v1.1). This update of Secure Channel Protocol ‘11’ introduces the management of several CAs as well as the concept of a subordinate key authority (KA) to which a CA may delegate the diversification of keys and certificates. This concept applies to both CA-KLCC and CA-KLOC roles and is optionally supported by a security domain implementing the SCP11 protocol.

    Please provide your comments to the specification by completing the comment form by Friday, 17 February 2017.

  • GlobalPlatform Device Technology – TMF: Asymmetric Cryptography Security Layer. This document specifies a security mechanism, which can be used in the context of the TEE Management Framework, for the realization of the security layer (see TEE Management Framework (GPD_SPE_120) section 7.2).

    Please provide your comments to the specification by completing the comment form by Friday, 3 March 2017.

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Did you miss?

Christian Damour, Head of Marketing – Security at FIME, and Chair of the GlobalPlatform TEE Attack Expert Working Group, blogs on ensuring TEE security with common automated security testing. Learn about the three classes of common automated testing and why they are important on the GlobalPlatform website.

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Upcoming speaker activity

I will be speaking at the SCA Payments Summit (27-30 March, Orlando), delivering a presentation entitled, ‘TEE and SE – the Value of Secure Components’ on Wednesday 29 March, within the session scheduled 4:30pm – 5:30pm. I look forward to seeing you there.

With kind regards,
Kevin Gillick

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