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GlobalPlatform News – SIDI Hub Summit, Committee updates and our Star Award winners

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

We’re nearing the end of what has been another dynamic year for GlobalPlatform. Our Committees and Task Forces have once again proved the value of collaboration, bringing our members together to help define and enhance the future of the device security ecosystem globally. Thank you all for your invaluable contributions!

Following on from our productive Fall Meetings in Athens, the Board has now ratified the structure and charters for the SESIP and Trusted Environments & Services (TES) Committees, and their Working Groups. Both now have dedicated areas on our member workspace, which we invite you to join.

Also at our Fall Meetings, we presented the worthy winners of this year’s GlobalPlatform Star Awards as well as our special Kekicheff Award. Star Awards for “Timeless Service and Dedication” were given to Don Felton and Karl Eglof Hartel, while the Kekicheff Award was given to Eikazu Niwano of NTT Corporation to thank him for his truly outstanding service. Read more on each of these below.

Finally, be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming SESIP Training, taking place in Q1 2024. These sessions are designed to support those looking to adopt the methodology as a way to meet the specific compliance, security, privacy, and scalability challenges of the evolving IoT ecosystem. We’ll be sharing more information soon, but you can register your interest by emailing

SIDI Hub Summit

In late November, the inaugural Sustainable and Interoperable Digital Identity (SIDI) Hub Summit brought together 120 digital identity experts from governments, multilaterals, standard organizations, and non-profits to define what is needed to achieve global interoperability for digital identity.

By working alongside fellow industry stakeholders in our role as sponsor of the initiative, GlobalPlatform is helping drive interoperability and sustainability in the digital identity space. Key insights from the summit will be shared early in the new year.

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GlobalPlatform Kekicheff Award and Star Awards Winners 

As part of our recent Fall Meetings in Athens, we were proud to present Karl Eglof Hartel and Don Felton with GlobalPlatform Star Awards for “Timeless Service and Dedication”. Don was an integral part of our TEE Specification Working Group, serving as its chair since 2011, meanwhile Karl Eglof helped define multiple embedded applications of SE technology as Chair of our Secure Element Committee. We wish them both all the best with their retirement.

Alongside the annual Star Awards, we also presented Eikazu Niwano with the Kekicheff Award – a prize only given in exceptional circumstances to recognize truly outstanding contributions. Niwano-San has been a key part of our organization since 2005, serving on the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors and leading the Japan Task Force. We are pleased to be able to recognize his contributions to GlobalPlatform through this award.

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Our new SESIP Committee 

In our last newsletter we announced that we had formed a new SESIP Committee during our Athens Fall Meetings. Having grown to become an EN Standard, the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) methodology is becoming increasingly influential, and this new committee will help reinforce its position as central to the future of IoT security.

The Board has now confirmed the structure and charters for this committee, and we are also pleased to announce that Georg Stütz and Philippe Gaudill will co-chair this new committee. GlobalPlatform is also going to create a community for SESIP Adopters, which we’ll share further information on soon.

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Introducing Trusted Environments & Services (TES) 

GlobalPlatform has now combined its Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Trusted Platform Services (TPS) workflows into one unified Trusted Environments & Services (TES) stream. The purpose of this is to best address the market’s need to build different standardized isolated environments in devices, and enable access to the associated secure services, for the long-term.

The Board has now ratified the new Committee and Working Group structure, and we are pleased to confirm Richard Hayton as the new Chair.

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Automotive Task Force 2023 Summary

Throughout 2023, the Automotive Task Force has made significant progress towards realizing the vision of “Securing Software Defined Vehicles”. We have established cooperative relationships with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and AUTOSAR to map GlobalPlatform specifications to their automotive standards. This collaboration will result in an automotive configuration of GlobalPlatform specifications and will provide a basis for automotive car makers to achieve multi-regional compliance for automotive security. We are also in communication with Auto-ISAC and the Car Connectivity Consortium to ensure coordination and alignment of common requirements.

Additionally, through a number of Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum (CSVF) events held in person in the US, Europe and Asia, we attracted notable participation from automotive manufacturers including Aston Martin, Bentley Motors, Bugatti Rimac, Cariad, Caterpillar, Denso, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Stellantis, Toyota, and Volvo. This yearCariad joined GlobalPlatform as a member and we are in discussions with a number of automotive OEMs on membership opportunities. (All event recordings and presentations are available on our website:

As we look towards 2024, we are committed to ensuring our members automotive requirements are incorporated into the GlobalPlatform specifications for automotive use cases. If you have not yet done so, we encourage your organizations to participate in the Automotive Task Force to ensure your company’s requirements are included. Contact

We are finalizing the schedule of events for 2024 and we will reach out in January with key dates and invitations.

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Key Dates for your Diary in 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, we once again have a packed calendar of events that will bring together GlobalPlatform members to further refine, evolve and enhance the work of our organisation. Key amongst these events are:

  • Spring Meetings: March 25 to 28
    Join us in Las Vegas, USA as we will bring together the GlobalPlatform membership to discuss and advance key initiatives including automotive, SAM, and our new TES workflow. Collocated with the usual sessions will be a Security Task Force Open Meeting (March 26) with representatives from the US Government, a SESIP workshop (March 26), and a Digital Identity Seminar (March 27) which will be free to attend for all GlobalPlatform members.
  • Standardization Executive Roundtable: May 15
    All Full Members are invited to share their short and long term priorities to help identify key trends and guide the direction of our organization moving forward.
  • Technical Week: June 24 to 28
    We’ll be in La Ciotat, France to review ongoing technical work, update workplans, and chart the future direction of GlobalPlatform security technologies for digital services and devices.
  • Fall Meetings: November 18 to 22
    This year’s Fall Meetings will take place in Porto, Portugal and will once again bring together members to discuss and define key priorities for the organization.

We’ll be sharing more information on each of these events as well as a host of others throughout the year, so stay tuned!

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Speaking Engagements

GlobalPlatform to Speak at EU Cybersecurity Act Conference

Join GlobalPlatform Security Task Force Chair, Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze, to learn about changes to the EU regulatory landscape and how SESIP is facilitating alignment and serving as a singular reference point for comprehensive evaluation.

Join Olivier on Wednesday, March 13 at 11:30 CET for the presentation “IoT Security – How SESIP Is Supporting Industries to Prepare for Incoming EU Legislation”.

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