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December 2019 Newsletter

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

2019 may be drawing to a close, but GlobalPlatform’s members show no signs of slowing down!

Throughout November, interest in our IoT activities and the IoTopia framework have continued to grow and we’re excited by the engagement we have received from members, partners and the wider ecosystem.

In addition, this month we hosted our Fall Member Meeting in Madrid and celebrated the start of our 20th year. Thank you to all those who joined us and made the meetings such a success.

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IoTopia and IoT Solutions World Congress

As many of you know, GlobalPlatform publicly unveiled the IoTopia framework at IoT Solutions World Congress, and hosted a cybersecurity panel with invited guests ENISA, GSMA and NIST.

Additionally, GlobalPlatform sponsored the annual IoT Solutions Awards with our Chairman Nils Gerhardt presenting the award for Best Testbed.

Nils commented: “We are extremely happy with the high levels of interest shown in IoTopia and the reception it received at IoT Solutions World Congress. The panel was well attended, and audience engagement showed that the industry is committed to defining best practice and helping the market to implement effective, standardized security for IoT devices and services.

“Additionally, I was honored to present the Best Testbed award at the Gala Awards ceremony. The work showcased during the event was of such high quality and demonstrates the innovation and dedication of IoT companies across the globe.”

Interested in contributing to IoTopia? GlobalPlatform invites and welcomes contributions to the IoTopia Committee from chip vendors, device manufacturers, thing makers, IoT platform providers, system integrators, service providers, certification labs, network vendors, end users, government bodies and policy makers.

Access the recorded IoTopia Webinar

Fall Member Meeting Roundup

Last month we held our annual Fall Meeting in Madrid. The strength of our agenda and the strong momentum in the organization resulted in the largest gathering of the membership seen in many years.

The meeting included relevant and thought-provoking presentations from members and invited guests. Technical Committees and Task Forces also provided detailed information on 2019 accomplishments and a view into the priorities of 2020. We encourage all members to visit the member website to download and review presentations from the gathering.

In addition, we discussed how our IoTopia initiative will bring security and trust to the IoT and heard thoughts on how it will benefit our members and the marketplace.

This year’s meeting also marked the start of our 20th year, which we celebrated with a specially made animation. Visit our YouTube channel GlobalPlatformTV to be among the first to see it!

I would like to thank all attendees for making the meeting such a success.

Watch the animation

SE Shipment Figures

GlobalPlatform conservatively calculates that more than 6.2 billion Secure Elements (SEs) were based on its specifications in 2018. This represents an increase of over 750 million from the previous year and takes the total amount of deployed SEs based on GlobalPlatform technology since 2010 to over 35 billion.

Deployed in multiple form factors, GlobalPlatform-compliant SEs protect data and devices across sectors including payments, telecoms, transportation, automotive, government, enterprise ID and healthcare.

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IoTopia Recruitment Kit

To explain the benefits of IoTopia to colleagues in your company that may not be familiar with GlobalPlatform, we have created an IoTopia recruitment kit.

Please feel free to download the document from the member website and share with members of your team you feel should be directly involved in the IoTopia Committee and its various Working Groups.

Download the document

GlobalPlatform in the news: Silicon UK

Read this article in Silicon UK to learn more about the importance of security for smart cities, and how businesses must work to implement trust in a cost effective and scalable way.

Read here
Technical Documents

New Document Releases

This maintenance release includes an errata based on feedback from the Certification Program.


This maintenance release fixes an identifier value to avoid conflicts between different SE specification documents.


Specifications Under Review

This new version introduces new implementation options - S8 and S16.

S16 mode has been introduced following recommendations from the Security Task Force.

This document has been made available in order to solicit comments from the membership of GlobalPlatform. Please note that we expect all comments by Friday, 13 December 2019.


This document specifies requirements for the security evaluation of IoT platforms including a set of security functional requirements, and the definition of security assurance requirements packages that define five assurance levels.

This document has been made available in order to solicit public comments. Please provide comments by 10 January 2020.

Speaking Engagements

We talked security standards for the IoT at TRUSTECH

Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu joined a roundtable at the event alongside representatives from FIDO Alliance and Thales, to discuss how standards achieve cyber resilience.

Would you like GlobalPlatform to speak at your event?

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Embedded World

Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, will deliver the presentation ‘Building IoTopia – GlobalPlatform’s Initiative to Standardize Security for IoT Devices & Services’ on Wednesday, February 26 at 12:00 – 12:30PM.

Learn more

Payments Summit

Executive Director, Kevin Gillick, will join the ‘Future of IoT Payments’ track on Thursday, February 27 at 01:00PM to explain the value IoTopia will bring to banking and payment services

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