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GlobalPlatform News – Takeaways from our Spring Meetings, our Digital Identity Seminar, and the SESIP Workshop

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the GlobalPlatform 2024 Spring Meetings. It was a week of valuable discussions and contributions from members that will help advance GlobalPlatform’s work to secure digital services and devices.

Key highlights from our Committee and Task Forces meetings include:

  • The SESIP Committee unveiled its new marketing strategy to drive adoption and recognition of the SESIP methodology. The group also kicked off discussions regarding the creation of a SESIP Attack Methodology, and progressed new SESIP mappings for automotive, as well as protection profiles for the Qi wireless charging standard and Edge Compute Nodes.
  • Our Automotive Task Force met to discuss new potential work areas including security for autonomous and Software-Defined vehicles, using SESIP to demonstrate compliance with security requirements, in-car payments, identification, and alignment with SAE and AUTOSAR.
  • Digital identity remains a priority, with the eID Task Force meeting to discuss identity use cases, future developments in secure elements and eUICC and how GlobalPlatform specifications can be advanced to support secure and frictionless deployments.

GlobalPlatform also hosted a SESIP Workshop and Digital Identity Wallet Seminar that brought industry, government and their respective ecosystems together to discuss the current challenges, opportunities and outlook for the future. You can read our key highlights from each of these events below.

Finally, I would like to remind all members that the GlobalPlatform Technical Week is taking place June 24-28 in La Ciotat, France. We will be sharing more details on this soon but please save the date.

Takeaways from the GlobalPlatform Spring Meetings

GlobalPlatform members from around the world gathered in Las Vegas, USA, for our annual Spring Meetings. In a week of insightful and informative meetings, we discussed key initiatives including:

  • Collaborations between the Automotive Task Force and SESIP Committee
  • SESIP visibility and participation ideas for GlobalPlatform Membership and the broader community
  • A possible DevFest to be scheduled in 2025, as well as continuing TechTalks
  • Future developments in Digital Identity, including use cases, security, and advancements in GlobalPlatform specifications

The key actions from each meeting will be shared by the relevant Committees and Task Forces in the coming weeks.

I would like to thank members for their participation and contribution to the Spring Meetings. These events are designed so that members can contribute to the development of GlobalPlatform initiatives and provide a key opportunity to network with other industry experts and technology market leaders. We hope to see you at the Technical Week in June!

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Thank you for attending our Digital ID Seminar

Our Digital ID Wallet Seminar took place last week in Las Vegas, USA. A packed agenda of expert speakers from government and industry gave attendees insight into the implementation of digital identity and mobile driver's license (mDL) solutions in North America. Sessions also explored the key considerations regarding interoperability and certification within the eID wallet ecosystem.

We would like to thank our seminar sponsor, Thales, for supporting the event as well as our speakers from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), Fime, Gataca, Google, HID, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Visa.

Learn more about the work of our
eID Wallet Task Force

SESIP Workshop Wrap Up

Stakeholders from government, vertical associations, and the entire IoT and device security ecosystems gathered in Las Vegas, USA last week to discuss how the SESIP methodology is reducing complexity in security evaluation processes and how the concepts of composition and reuse are revolutionizing IoT certification.

Sponsored by Winbond, this event gave the opportunity for a free and open discussion with expert speakers from Connectivity Standards Alliance, Google, Riscure, National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), NXP Semiconductors, SGS Brightsight, STMicroelectronics, Winbond, and more.

Learn more about SESIP

Automotive task force update from Las Vegas

Last week in Las Vegas, the Automotive Task Force held a robust session to discuss the latest developments in automotive cybersecurity. With presentations from Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC), NIST and SiFive, the group was able to hear directly from the industry on how SE and TEE can support autonomous vehicles, the RISC-V security architecture for automotive and the increased emphasis on security and privacy in software defined vehicles. We also discussed the automotive priorities within each of the technical committees and regional task forces.

There are a variety of activities coming up in the next few months – namely our submission to automotive cybersecurity event, ESCAR USA, was accepted for presentation. During the same week, we will be holding our US based Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum event on June 4 at AutoTech: Detroit. Attendees will have free access to the exhibition. Review all upcoming events and register here.

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Upcoming GlobalPlatform Events

Our calendar of events continues throughout 2024. More details will be shared in due course, but be sure to save the date for each of the below:

  • The next TechTalk: April 16
    The next instalment in our TechTalks series takes place April 26 at 9:30 EST / 15:30 CET. More details will be shared on this soon.
  • Standardization Executive Roundtable: May 15
    Full Members are invited to share their short and long-term priorities as we identify key trends and map out GlobalPlatform’s priorities moving forward.
  • Our fifth TechTalk: May 31
    This upcoming TechTalk will be presented by Jeremy O'Donoghue (Qualcomm) on the topic of Isolation Technologies.
  • Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum @ AutoTech: Detroit – June 4
    Join us in Detroit for the US version of the CSVF – attendees will get free access to the AutoTech: Detroit exhibition.
  • Technical Week: June 24 to 28
    Our annual Technical Meetings are taking place in La Ciotat, France. These meetings will focus on our ongoing technical work, workplans, and the future direction of GlobalPlatform security technologies for digital services and devices.
  • Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum events to be held in Japan and Germany, October and November 2024
  • Fall Meetings: November 18 to 22
    The GlobalPlatform Fall Meetings will take place in Porto, Portugal, giving members another opportunity to discuss and define key priorities for the organization.
See our full events calendar

Introducing the GlobalPlatform TES Committee

You may have seen that GlobalPlatform has launched a new Trusted Environments & Services (TES) Committee.

The TES Committee is the result of a merger between GlobalPlatform’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Trusted Platform Services (TPS) Committees. Its mission is to define services that directly address vertical sector problems and use cases, helping them to enable robust security across a range of secure platforms.

The committee is chaired by Richard Hayton (Trustonic) with Jeremy O’Donoghue (Qualcomm) as Vice Chair. It inherits all existing work items and areas from the TEE and TPS Committees and is open to full and participating members.

Learn more and get involved

Read Our Blog to Learn about The Evolution of Secure Isolation Platforms

Secure Elements (SEs) and TEEs are mature technologies, pivotal in the application processor space. Yet, in recent years, we have seen the rise of other secure isolation platforms that serve similar roles but with different trade-offs.

We also see how some sectors like automotive, payments and identity have requirements to use a combination of isolated environment technologies across their solutions, and need horizontal services that can be deployed across platforms.

Writing for our blog, Richard Hayton, Chair of GlobalPlatform’s TES Committee, explains what a secure isolation platform is, and how GlobalPlatform is supporting evolving data security and privacy needs.

Read more
Technical Documents

New Document Releases

This document specifies a secure channel protocol, named Secure Channel Protocol '11' (SCP11), based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for mutual authentication and secure channel initiation and on AES for secure messaging.

This amendment is intended primarily for card manufacturers and application developers developing GlobalPlatform card implementations.

Download here

Specifications Under Review

This document provides a mapping of SESIP Security Requirements to ISO/SAE DIS 21434.

This has been made available for public review. Please provide your comments by completing the comment form by April 9, 2024, or emailing

Download here

This document defines an extension of the GlobalPlatform Card Specification to facilitate the update of the Operating System in a Secure Element of government ID physical documents.

This has been made available for member review. Please provide your comments by completing the comment form by April 14, 2024, or emailing

Download here

Pre-release version of SESIP Profile for WPC Qi Secure Storage Subsystem is now available to download from the GlobalPlatform public review page.

This has been made available for public review. Please provide your comments by completing the comment form by April 14, 2024, or emailing

Download here

Pre-release version of SESIP Profile for Edge Compute Node is now available to download from the GlobalPlatform public review page.

This has been made available for public review. Please provide your comments by completing the comment form by April 14, 2024, or emailing

Download here

This SESIP Profile describes a generic MCU/MPU component that may be used in various IoT use cases. It describes an essential set of basic security properties that are common to IoT use cases and that shall be consistently evaluated, and defines further security feature packages to cover most IoT platform use cases.

This document has been made available for member review. Please provide your comments by completing the comment for by May 1, 2024 or emailing

Download here
Speaking Engagements

The European Identity and Cloud Conference

Jean Daniel Aussel, Chair of the GlobalPlatform eID Wallet Task Force, will present at the upcoming European Identity and Cloud Conference in Berlin.
His session, “Meeting the Challenges of Securing the EUDI Wallet with a High Level of Assurance” is taking place on Friday June 7 at 11:50 CET.

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