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April 2018 Newsletter

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

We are now making final preparations for our Spring meetings, taking place 16 – 20 April in San Diego. The week will kick off with the Joint Task Force Meeting and a discussion on home automation, which will be led by the Consumer IoT Task Force. We welcome your contributions on home automation trends and challenges, including security, privacy and device enrollment. Please send your proposals directly to me at

Members wishing to recap on the outcome of last year’s member meeting week in Vienna can access video reports from Committee and Task Force chairs on the Advisory Council section of the member website here.

With kind regards,
Kevin Gillick

Greater need to mitigate security threats in an interconnected world

A critical challenge in today’s connected world is ensuring that security services are compatible across the numerous different types of devices that are used to access financial services.

I spoke to The Asian Banker about the steps GlobalPlatform is taking to secure the Internet of Things, and why device identity and secure authentication is the key to mitigating risk in financial services.

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Did you miss? GlobalPlatform invites you to speak at 'Security in our Connected World' event in Shanghai

We are keen to receive your contributions for our September seminar in Shanghai, for which the exact date will be announced soon.

We welcome your speaker submissions in one or more of the following tracks:

  • Industrial IoT
  • Consumer IoT
  • Identification and authentication
  • Device trust
  • Payment and value-added services
  • Premium content protection and digital rights management (DRM)
  • Certification

If you are interested in making a submission, either on behalf of your company or as an individual speaker, please send a brief presentation title and synopsis in English-language only before Friday 20 April 2018.


GlobalPlatform and the IoT Connectivity Alliance (ICA) MoU

GlobalPlatform and the ICA are collaborating to support the development of industry-wide standards for internet of things security. This will begin with the development of a white paper on alternative interfaces for the connection of embedded SE’s based on serial peripheral interface (SPI) and inter-integrated circuit (IIC) devices.

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COMPRION Certification of eUICCs

Congratulations to GlobalPlatform member COMPRION for achieving certification of its eUICC consumer test products, GSMA SGP.23 RSP eUICC Consumer Devices Test Bench and SIMalliance eUICC Consumer Devices Profile Package Test Bench.

Further information about GlobalPlatform’s certification and training programs are available on the public website.

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FIDO white paper now available in Chinese 实用商业要素 使用GlobalPlatform 技术,实现 FIDO 认证 解决方案.

We are pleased to inform you that the GlobalPlatform and FIDO white paper ‘Practical Business Considerations Realizing FIDO Authentication Solutions with GlobalPlatform Technologies’ is now available in Chinese.

The white paper translation ‘实用商业要素 使用GlobalPlatform 技术,实现 FIDO 认证 解决方案’ can be downloaded on the Chinese section of the GlobalPlatform website.

Technical Documents

New Specification Releases

This maintenance release corrects issues in the previous version while maintaining full backwards compatibility. It also removes the deprecated Secure Channel Protocol '01' and deprecates the DES based Secure Channel Protocol '02'.

Download Here

This new configuration defines the minimum implementation requirements of the GlobalPlatform Card Specification for Secure Elements (SE) supporting Financial Services. The SE may be implemented in a card or any other form factor and come with a contact interface, a contactless interface or both. The document defines 4 sub-configurations with different feature sets.

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This document defines an extension of the GlobalPlatform Card Specification aiming at changing the traditional Card Content Management model by extending it to broadcast deployment and management of Java-Card-based services hosted on a Secure Element through a set of new standardized card administration commands. It also extends and refines the GlobalPlatform delegation model through the use of certificates.

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Specifications Under Review

This version of Amendment F adds a new variant for Secure Channel Protocol '11'. It is named SCP11c and uses ephemeral keys only on the off-card side. This mechanism allows off-line creation of card management scripts. In addition, the usage of the same key pairs and certificates for groups of cards enables such scripts to be processed by the whole group.

The document is now available for public review.

Please provide your comments in the form available and send to by Thursday, 5 April 2018.

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This document defines a set of applicative protocols to connect to, and communicate with, one or more Secure Component(s) available in a Bluetooth Smart enabled device. It is tightly linked to GlobalPlatform Bluetooth Smart Secure Component Connector Service Profile (SCCS – Profile) definition document [GP_SPD_094].

The document is now available for member review.

Please provide your comments in the form available and send to by Friday, 27 April 2018.

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Speaking Engagements

connect: ID, Washington DC

I will deliver a presentation on ‘Securing the IoT Landscape’ at 2:45pm on Wednesday 2 May.

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International Cryptographic Module Conference

Board Member and Security Task Force Chair Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze, will deliver a presentation on ‘GlobalPlatform: Cryptography Algorithm Classification and Crypto Agility’ at 2:15PM on Wednesday 9 May.

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Did you miss our webinar with oneM2M?

Our Technical Director Gil Bernabeu joins François Ennesser, Chairman of the oneM2M Security Working Group, to explain how widely deployed security solutions from both organizations can be leveraged today to address diverse security requirements in both consumer and industrial IoT implementations.

You can watch the video on-demand on our website.

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