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UL releases functional consumer eUICC and eUICC profile compliance test suites qualified by GlobalPlatform

February 14, 2018 - UL announces that the functional consumer eUICC and eUICC profile compliance test suites have been officially qualified by GlobalPlatform.

GlobalPlatform has officially qualified the ‘UL GlobalPlatform eUICC Consumer Compliance Test Suite’ and the ‘UL GlobalPlatform eUICC SIMalliance Profile Compliance Test Suite.’ These test suites will deliver GlobalPlatform qualification for EUMs’ Consumer RSP eUICCs against GSMA SGP.21/SGP.22 and SIMalliance eUICC Profile Package Interoperable Format core specifications.

Any eUICC manufacturer and MNO that uses embedded SIMs can use these test suites to deliver or confirm GlobalPlatform qualification for Consumer RSP eUICCs, allowing them to achieve faster time to market for their IoT solutions .
Iain Maxwell, Product Owner Mobile Tools at UL’s transaction security division stated: “We are continuously updating our existing test solutions for eUICC based testing in order to help our customers scale the Internet of Things. Supporting the M2M and Consumer RSP ecosystems is one of our key focus points. We believe that EUMs will greatly benefit from this addition to our tools portfolio.”

“This achievement demonstrates the collaboration that is driving the evolution of eUICC technology,” comments Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform.  “GSMA and SIMalliance have defined the specifications and GlobalPlatform is managing the certification program to promote eUICC interoperability, stability and flexibility for the protection of digital services. But we are one part of this ecosystem; qualified laboratories and test tool providers like UL are fundamental to this work. They are on the front line, supporting live implementations of the technology and, importantly, feeding key learnings from the field back into the standardization process.”

UL has been a leading solution provider in the field of payment and security technology, empowering trust in an increasingly interconnected world. Using its in-depth knowledge of the field, UL supports customers through the entire process of evaluating payment product compliance and interoperability.

For more information about UL’s test tools, please click here.

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