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SK C&C USA Joins GlobalPlatform's Expanding Membership

26 October 2010 – GlobalPlatform has announced that SK C&C USA has joined the association as an Observer Member. SK C&C USA ‐ a leading innovator and global provider of mobile commerce solutions ‐ will focus on mobile standards development within GlobalPlatform by monitoring the work of the technical committees and participating in the industry body's Mobile Task Force initiatives.

By contributing to GlobalPlatform's Mobile Task Force, SK C&C USA will play a role in identifying new business opportunities between the mobile sector and other industries. In addition, the company will work with other members in the task force to demonstrate that various business models can be successfully used within the same product or service offering. SK C&C USA will also work with GlobalPlatform to promote the importance of a neutral, scalable infrastructure to protect investments organizations must make to address evolving technologies. Through its GlobalPlatform membership, SK C&C USA will have a voice in the association's Advisory Council meetings ‐ a forum that will provide the organization with an opportunity to impact the strategic direction of GlobalPlatform and prioritize its activities.

Keith Smith, President and COO of SK C&C USA comments: "GlobalPlatform plays a leading role in defining open and interoperable smart card specifications. These global standards are becoming increasingly important as NFC and other alternate mobile payment technologies advance across sectors and geographical boundaries. SK C&C USA recognizes the benefits that open and interoperable technology brings to the mobile payment community, and we look forward to contributing to GlobalPlatform's important work in this field through our membership."

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, adds: "SK C&C USA is a welcome addition to the GlobalPlatform membership. Its participation and shared expertise in the GlobalPlatform Mobile Task Force will add value to this group's efforts and strengthen the visibility of GlobalPlatform Specifications as a relevant and future-proof technology for mobile commerce implementations."

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GlobalPlatform is the world leader in smart card infrastructure development. Its proven technical specifications for cards, devices and systems are regarded as the industry standard for achieving interoperable, sustainable and flexible smart card deploymentsthat support multi-application, multi-actor and multi-business model implementations.


SK C&C USA offers a comprehensive suite of mobile commerce products including Trusted Services Manager (TSM), Mobile Wallet platform and mobile banking. With global headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, SK C&C USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of SK C&C Co., Ltd., a leading global payments and systems integration company. SK C&C is a major stockholder of a holding company (SK Holdings) of SK Group, an $85 billion conglomerate.

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