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SDVs’ Greater Connectivity Equals Greater Cybersecurity Risk?

GlobalPlatform Automotive Lead, Francesca Forestieri, is featured in WardsAuto Industry News article entitled SDVs’ Greater Connectivity Equals Greater Cybersecurity Risk?

The development of software defined vehicles could add a plethora of security risks not only to the vehicles but also to the many components in its digital ecosystem. Theoretically, a breach in a vehicle’s systems could pose a threat to other connected devices, such as the owner’s smartphone. Also, though far less likely, vulnerabilities in those non-vehicular components could open a breach in the vehicle’s security system.

“Having software defined vehicles doesn’t mean it’s open season for hackers,” says Francesca Forestieri, Automotive Lead at digital-security technical standards organization GlobalPlatform. “But the opportunity for attacks has increased. They can come from historically relevant areas, like telematics, but also from new sources, such as vehicle owners who don’t want to pay for paid services as well as attacks via electrical charging and V2X.”

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