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Nextendis Becomes GlobalPlatform’s First Consultant Member

16 June 2008 – GlobalPlatform, the international smart card specifications body, has welcomed its first Consultant Member to the organization – Nextendis. The i ndependent consultancy, which focuses on delivering strategic advice and implementation support to new smart card deployments in the telecoms, payment and public transport markets, has joined GlobalPlatform to contribute to the association’s activity in the mobile telecom sector, and ensure it maintains an in-depth knowledge of GlobalPlatform’s latest advances.

Jean-Philippe Amiel, founder and managing director of Nextendis, has vast experience within the smart card sector, and has delivered many projects which have involved GlobalPlatform technology, such as the French Ulysse workgroup for mobile transport ticketing. This expertise will enable Nextendis to have a strong presence in GlobalPlatform’s Mobile Task Force, as well as participate in its Advisory Council to offer strategic guidance regarding the future technical and business decisions of the organization.

Mr. Amiel explains the consultancy’s reasons for joining the association: “As soon as GlobalPlatform launched its Consultant Member level, Nextendis confirmed its interest in joining the organization. GlobalPlatform technology is essential in any smart card deployment involving multiple parties, as it allows several actors to load and manage applications independently on a shared device. As the business models that support next generation implementations become increasingly complex, the role of GlobalPlatform technology is vital in facilitating sustainable smart card projects. It is therefore essential that we understand GlobalPlatform’s latest specifications to ensure our clients receive the most accurate technology recommendations.”

GlobalPlatform launched its Consultant Membership category in March 2008 to encourage small consulting practices to join the organization, and contribute to the development and promotion of interoperable and scaleable smart card specifications that reflect market requirements.

Bob Beer , Chairman of GlobalPlatform and Vice President of Business Development at Datacard Group, adds: “Nextendis’ consultants have a wealth of knowledge within the industry, and we are delighted that they will be contributing to GlobalPlatform’s discussions moving forward. The role of Nextendis in our organization, and other consultants within the smart card community, is imperative as these experts have the ability to independently educate the industry on the importance of market interoperability and encourage the adoption of standardized technology, while their awareness of current industry demands will ensure that GlobalPlatform meets the changing needs of the market. GlobalPlatform looks forward to welcoming other Consultant Members in the future.”

To qualify for Consultant Membership, firms must only employ one or two consultants, who cannot have full or part time employment at a publicly held company, government agency or educational institute. The annual fee is US $1,500. For further details visit


About Nextendis

Nextendis is an independent consultancy focused in new technologies for telecoms, payment and public transport areas. With both technology and domain expertises, Nextendis consultants provide support during the lifecycle of a project, from conceptual phase to implementation. Nextendis consultants are currently involved in several innovative projects including NFC services, mobile and contactless payment, mobile transport ticketing, and multi application smart card issuance. For more information about Nextendis, visit:

About GlobalPlatform

GlobalPlatform is the global leader in smart card infrastructure development and its proven, technical specifications for cards, devices and systems are known as the standard for smart card infrastructure. GlobalPlatform is a member driven association with cross-industry representation from all world continents. For more information about GlobalPlatform, visit:

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