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New Application Software from Trusted Logic Uses GlobalPlatform Device Technology

06 October 2008 – GlobalPlatform has announced that its device technology - GPD/STIP v2.3 Mobile Profile Specification* - is being used by software component provider, Trusted Logic, in its recently launched Trusted Foundations™ Software. This latest addition to Trusted Logic’s trusted execution environment portfolio facilitates the deployment of all high performance, security sensitive applications on any device across different market sectors.

The new Trusted Foundations™ Software merges two of the company’s existing trusted execution environment products - the TL Security Module for wireless devices and the jTOP® for Terminals – to provide a more flexible security platform that supports the increasingly complex requirements of the growing mobile services market. By utilizing the GPD/STIP v2.3 Mobile Profile Specification, this solution offers application providers with improved overall security to deliver multiple applications and/or extend interoperability through standardization, while offering greater control over downloadable and broadcast content access rights through the addition of an XML service Application Programming Interface (API).

Dominique Bolignano, CEO of Trusted Logic, comments: “Trusted Foundations™ Software has been developed to provide the marketplace with an extremely secure software solution which can be used in any device that requires the efficient execution of sensitive applications and protection of digital assets, such as wireless devices, multimedia electronics, network and automotive equipment. Implementing GPD/STIP technology ensures that this software is compatible with most devices, and that the Trusted Foundations™ Software will be scalable and flexible for future market advances and industry regulation.”

Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director at GlobalPlatform, adds: “As an active and long standing GlobalPlatform member, Trusted Logic plays a proactive role in shaping the development of our industry-leading, open and interoperable technology. Its use of GPD/STIP within this new solution highlights the key commercial and competitive advantages that GlobalPlatform technology brings to the device marketplace - security and interoperability - and demonstrates the company’s commitment to the ongoing work of the association.”

GlobalPlatform device standards support the trusted execution environment requirements outlined by the Open Mobile Terminal Platform’s (OMTP) Advanced Trusted Environment: OMTP TR1 document. The GlobalPlatform technology required that could achieve OMTP’s recommendation - GPD/STIP v2.3 Mobile Profile Specification and the Device Application Security Management (DASM) suite of documents - can be downloaded by industry players from the international smart card specification body’s website.  



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*GPD/STIP – definition
STIP is an abbreviation of Small Terminal Interoperability Platform. GPD is an abbreviation of GlobalPlatform Device. The STIP Specifications became the GPD/STIP Specifications in 2003 when the STIP Consortium transferred its intellectual property assets to GlobalPlatform. The current GPD/STIP technology provides open standards for use on mobile devices and other smart card accepting terminals. About GlobalPlatform
GlobalPlatform is the global leader in smart card infrastructure development and its proven, technical specifications for cards, devices and systems are known as the standard for smart card infrastructure. GlobalPlatform is a member driven association with cross-industry representation from all world continents. For more information about GlobalPlatform, visit: www.globalplatform.orgAbout Trusted Logic
With dual competence in security and open technology for embedded systems, Trusted Logic has been leading the development of secure software since its creation in 1999, focusing on two industries: smart cards & secure tokens and professional & consumer devices. Its subsidiary, Trusted Labs, offers security consulting and evaluation services. For more information about Trusted Logic, visit

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