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Microelectrónica Joins GlobalPlatform

2 September 2010 – Microelectrónica Espanola S.A.U., a leader in the development of smart card solutions, has become the latest member to join GlobalPlatform. The decision demonstrates Microelectrónica's commitment to contribute to the advancement of an open and interoperable smart card infrastructure which supports the progressive requirements of the mobile payments landscape.

As a Participating Member, Microelectrónica has elected to engage in the activities of the Card Committee, which aims to define industry and technology neutral specifications for card and application management. It will also have an opportunity to participate in the Mobile and IP Connectivity Task Forces, which provide ongoing market and application specific guidance to GlobalPlatform's Technical Committees to ensure synergy between long-term technical output and the evolving demands of these sectors.

Sandra Arias, Operations Director at Microelectrónica, comments: "Since Microelectrónica was acquired by ABnote Brazil, the company is placing increasing focus on its core expertise, namely the high-end SIM card market. As part of this we aim to strengthen our presence in international associations and with GlobalPlatform's reputation and industry influence, becoming a member has been one of our highest priorities."

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, adds: "GlobalPlatform is delighted to welcome Microelectrónica as our newest member. We look forward to supporting the company and welcome its knowledge and encouragement of our ongoing initiatives to simplify and accelerate the adoption of interoperable smart technology."

Further membership benefits for Microelectrónica include the ability to participate in GlobalPlatform's Advisory Council, which provides members with direct access to the GlobalPlatform Executive Director and Board of Directors, and attendance at all-member networking meetings.


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Notes to Editors

About GlobalPlatform -

GlobalPlatform is the world leader in smart card infrastructure development. Its proven technical specifications for cards, devices and systems are regarded as the industry standard for achieving interoperable, sustainable and flexible smart card deployments that support multi-application, multi-actor and multi-business model implementations.


About Microelectonica -

Microelectrónica, an ABnote company, was founded in 1981 focusing on microprocessor smart card technology and related solutions. Now being part of ABnote, its main focus relies on expanding and consolidating its businesses around the world.

ABnote S.A. with the acquisition of Microelectrónica is a leader company in the GSM industry in LATAM and it is increasing its presence in Europe apart from its' other business areas in the supply of solutions involving "smart cards' and RFID tags", "identification systems", "driver's licenses", "check books", "security documents & printing" and other products and services such as "contactless" and "M2M". With the integrity and trust built in 50 years, ABnote has established long-term relationships with its customers, including large financial institutions, large telecommunications companies and Governments.

Technology and experience allows ABnote to understand all market demands and specific characteristics by using a fully integrated solution chain: from Research & Development, design, printing, manufacturing and management of data, to personalization, finishing, custody and distribution – always with a clear focus on customer satisfaction, quality, excellence and results.

Microelectrónica Media contact:
Jorge Rovira
+43 6991 88 99 88 1

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