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MediaTek MT6737T granted GlobalPlatform TEE Security Evaluation Product Certificate

The MediaTek MT6737T is a power-efficient, quad-core smartphone SoC for the entry-4G market. Even though this capable chipset drops into the most affordable smartphones, it's independently validated to create a totally secure environment within an Android smartphone!

The MT6737T, in conjunction with a partner secure OS, has been granted the GlobalPlatform TEE Security Evaluation Product Certificate; a world first for smartphone SoC.

Now for some background: GlobalPlatform is a global nonprofit organization that creates and publishes specifications for secure chip technology. The test itself was independently performed by Thales security laboratory, a world-leader in smartphone security services.

A 'TEE' is a Trusted Execution Environment. It provides a secure environment based on a tightly controlled hardware and software ecosystem that allows applications to run in an isolated environment, ensuring the protection of application, service and user data. It is required by services such as mobile payments (e.g. Android Pay), premium content access (e.g. video on demand services) and data privacy applications.

MediaTek’s MT6737T can provide a range of both permanent and dynamically secure hardware zones and firmware, along with secure boot-ROM, pre-loader and ATF, which are vital for assuring integrity and authenticity. From here, a secure OS, drivers and applications can be run in isolation to insecure zones.

The result proves that even MediaTek’s entry-level 4G LTE smartphone SoC can guarantee a secure environment for smartphone hardware and software designers, and it also lays the foundation for future MediaTek chipsets to gain GP TEE certifications.

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