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GPD/STIP Test Plan Launched

30 June 2008 – GlobalPlatform, the international smart card specification organization, has published a Test Plan which can be used by vendors and implementers of smart card acceptance devices and embedded trusted execution environments to self-test their product to ensure it complies with the latest release of GlobalPlatform device technology – GPD/STIP v2.3* – before development and subsequent deployment.

By assessing the compliance of a product to the GlobalPlatform Device Specification at an early stage in the development process, program implementers and/or vendors can speed up the testing cycle. This results in a faster time to market for programs deploying the product and lower associated implementation and testing costs.

The newly released GPD/STIP v2.3 Test Plan v1.0 is an upgraded version of the earlier GPD/STIP v2.2 Test Plan, and supports all new features specified in GPD/STIP v2.3 which was released in September 2007. The GPD/STIP Specification is GlobalPlatform’s core device specification which provides a secure environment for devices that run multiple, sensitive applications, such as mobile phone handsets and EFT/POS terminals.

Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform Technical Director and Technical Advisor for the Standardization and Technology Department at Gemalto, comments: “The latest release of the GPD/STIP Test Plan provides the global smart card and handset industries with a way to self-test a device’s performance against the latest GlobalPlatform device technology – GPD/STIP v2.3 – and brings the GlobalPlatform Device Compliance Program completely up to date.

“In recent years, GlobalPlatform has committed extensive resources to developing a comprehensive compliance program for its cards, devices and systems specifications. This work has been proposed and driven by our members who recognize the value in standardized processes which verify a product’s conformance to the GlobalPlatform Specifications. Ultimately, vendors and implementers want to be sure that a product is going to function in a predictable and interoperable manner, as this leads to a greater efficiency and time and cost savings.”

The GPD/STIP v2.3 Test Plan is available at no cost for member organizations of GlobalPlatform, and may be purchased by non-members for $1,495. It is available for download from the GlobalPlatform website –

A device simulator will be made available by GlobalPlatform later this year to complement the Test Plan. The simulator will provide a test environment for facilitating the development of GlobalPlatform devices.

For further information on, or to download, the GPD/STIP v2.3 Test Plan v1.0, visit:


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*GPD/STIP – definition

STIP is an abbreviation of Small Terminal Interoperability Platform. GPD is an abbreviation of GlobalPlatform Device. The STIP Specifications became the GPD/STIP Specifications in 2003 when the STIP Consortium transferred its intellectual property assets to GlobalPlatform. The current GPD/STIP technology provides open standards for use on smart card accepting terminals.

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