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GP White Paper Highlights the Value of Interoperable Device Specs For Increased Mobile Security

02 August 2007 – GlobalPlatform today published a white paper which outlines the relevance and importance of GlobalPlatform’s device technology - the GPD/STIP* Specifications and the Device Application Security Management (DASM) Specifications – to the global mobile telecoms sector and the secure deployment of handset applications.

The paper, titled ‘Why the Mobile Industry is Evolving Towards Security’ explains how a GPD/STIP platform on a mobile phone handset offers interoperability, flexibility, reactivity and high security - a combination of requirements exclusively catered for by the GPD/STIP environment, yet essential for the successful deployment of multiple applications from different service providers, and with a varying degree of security rights, on a mobile handset.

The ability of GPD/STIP technology to offer an open software platform which addresses the mobile industry’s key security concerns – the vulnerability of security-sensitive applications from different providers within a multi-application environment – could expedite the deployment of a broad range of secure applications on one handset. Such applications could include contactless transport ticketing, digital rights management (DRM) of high-value multimedia content and broadcast service protection with Conditional Access Systems (CAS), in addition to payment applications.

Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform Technical Director and Technical Advisor for the Standardization and Technology Department at Gemalto, comments: “The demands on mobile phone handsets are becoming ever more complex, with phones now storing highly-private information and users being able to download, on demand, applications with heterogeneous security levels.

“The GPD/STIP environment offers the mobile telecoms sector a highly secure, open solution which overcomes the traditional obstacles to multi-application deployment on mobile handsets, such as risk, interoperability and flexibility. This White Paper is intended to educate the mobile sector on GPD/STIP technology and to promote an understanding of the benefits which can be gained through the deployment of GPD/STIP technology, both from a commercial perspective and in terms of the mobile industry’s future advancement.”

The White Paper is publicly available at


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 *GlobalPlatform Device/Small Terminal Interoperability Platform

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