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GP Updates Device Specification To Offer Increased Security For Mobile Handsets & EFT/POS Terminals

24 September 2007 – GlobalPlatform, the international smart card specification organization, has published a new version of its core device specification – GPD/STIP v2.3 - to provide greater security for devices which run multiple applications, including mobile phone handsets and EFT/POS terminals.

The earlier version of the GPD/STIP Specification already provides a highly secure environment which allows security conscious applications to reside side-by-side with other applications on a device. The newer version, v2.3, of the specification will provide application providers with greater control over downloadable or broadcast content access rights, through a key enhancement which allows improvements to content-protection schemes. This enhancement is the addition of an XML service Application Programming Interface (API) within the new version of the specification.

Updates have also been made to the cryptographic service API, network service APIs and the Card Holder Verification service API. These improve the overall security of the GPD/STIP environment for multiple applications and/or extend interoperability through standardization.

Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform Technical Director and Technical Advisor for the Standardization and Technology Department at Gemalto, comments: “The updates found in GPD/STIP Specification v2.3 are a direct response to industry requirements, brought to the attention of GlobalPlatform by its membership. By enhancing the overall security of the GPD/STIP environment, GPD/STIP v2.3 offers greater reassurance to terminal manufacturers and application providers regarding the fidelity of their products when operated in a multiple application environment. GPD/STIP v2.3 offers a standardized platform which authorizes the isolation of applications with differing security levels, enabling the existence of various security driven business models.”

GlobalPlatform members involved in the development of GPD/STIP v2.3 include Blue Bamboo, Calton Hill, France Telecom, Gemalto, Texas Instruments and Trusted Logic.

GPD/STIP v2.3 is publicly available at:


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