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GlobalPlatform’s ‘Integrated’ Secure Element Specifications Leveraged by ETSI and Updated Following Live Implementations

Standards organizations and vendors are building on GlobalPlatform’s Virtual Primary Platform (VPP) specifications to innovate around integrated secure element (iSE) form factors

December 10, 2020 – Following the VPP specifications’ release in 2019, organizations and manufacturers are driving innovation of new SE form factors, including iSEs, to support the needs of various use cases and business models in different vertical markets such as banking, telecoms, identity, transport and retail.

The latest version of the specifications integrate additional requirements from initial implementations, industry and standards development partner ETSI, which has leveraged VPP to develop its SSP (Smart Secure Platform) technology. GlobalPlatform has also released a white paper, explaining how the specifications provide a universal platform to host and execute secure digital services across different products, and how developers can use them to develop, enable and manage solutions that expand SE security benefits to support more use cases.

“As the business use cases for digital services evolve, so too must the standardized security platforms,” comments GlobalPlatform Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu. “Through VPP, GlobalPlatform is enabling continued innovation of secure element form factors, supporting our industry partners in the development of connected solutions and products for years to come.”

ETSI’s SSP specification defines the development of an open platform for applications across varied physical and integrated interfaces. The solution is easily scalable and thus cost effective for manufacturers and optimized to address the requirements of security sensitive market sectors such as IoT and 5G.

“Following a long-standing co-operation with GlobalPlatform in the development of specifications for its secure smart card platform, the committee decided to use GlobalPlatform’s VPP as a foundation for its new Smart Secure Platform to achieve its goals of an open, flexible, scalable and secure platform usable across all industry sectors,” comments Klaus Vedder, Chairman of ETSI’s Technical Committee Smart Card Platform which is responsible for the development of the SSP.

VPP technology enables the creation of a virtual secure area within a hardware-based tamper resistant platform to offer a new universal platform upon which digital services can be securely executed and managed. The specification creates a common approach that can be applied across different hardware designs, while offering secure services for application developers and maintaining the high levels of security offered by existing SE form factors.

Read GlobalPlatform’s VPP White Paper here.


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