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GlobalPlatform Welcomes Elliptic Technologies

24 October 2012 – GlobalPlatform has announced the further growth of its membership with the addition of Elliptic Technologies, a leader in embedded security solutions for the consumer electronics and home entertainment industries.

As an Observer Member of GlobalPlatform – the organization which standardizes the management of applications on secure chip technology – Elliptic will place particular focus on the work of the GlobalPlatform Mobile Task Force.

Vijay Dube, President and CEO of Elliptic Technologies, comments: “With a broad portfolio of embedded security solutions, we are a strong proponent of robust, standardized security technology. In order to achieve end-to-end security across a multitude of devices and platforms, we recognize the value of GlobalPlatform’s standards work in relation to the trusted execution environment (TEE). As we have TEE-based solutions already deployed in the market, we are committed to the continued advancement of solutions based on this framework and see specifications as the primary route towards mass market adoption of applications and services.”

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, adds: “Expanding our current TEE specifications to include a robust compliance program is a key area of focus for GlobalPlatform as we move into 2013. It is therefore great to see engagement with our work from committed members such as Elliptic Technologies, which will assist us in achieving our goal of becoming the de facto standard within this area.”

The TEE is a secure area that resides in the main processor of a smart phone (or any mobile device) and ensures that sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in a trusted environment. The TEE's ability to offer safe execution of authorized security software, known as 'trusted applications', enables it to provide end-to-end security by enforcing protection, confidentiality, integrity and data access rights.

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