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GlobalPlatform Updates Smart Card Management System (SCMS) Functional Requirements to Support Third Party Management of Card Schemes

24 February 2005 - GlobalPlatform, the global leader in smart card infrastructure development and deployment, has published a revised version - v4.0 - of its Smart Card Management System (SCMS) Functional Requirements.

The new version of the SCMS Functional Requirements, last published in 2002, reflects updates to benefit the entire GlobalPlatform smart card infrastructure for cards, devices and systems. Specifically, it addresses Smart Card Management features required to pre-authorize part of the card management to a third party. This brings it into alignment with the GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.1.1, which defines card requirements for delegate management*.

The overall purpose of the GlobalPlatform SCMS Functional Requirements is to describe the necessary features of a Smart Card Management Environment in order to effectively manage the lifecycle of a multi-application smart card and its related applications, during the pre-production, production and post-production phases. As with all GlobalPlatform systems technology, these requirements apply equally to GlobalPlatform cards, native and other open smart cards.

The document is utilized primarily by designers and builders of multi-application Smart Card Management Environments, such as system architects and integrators as well as business analysts and project managers. Card issuers can also use this document to evaluate a proposed vendor solution.

Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform System Committee Chair, comments: "The updated GlobalPlatform SCMS Functional Requirements v4.0 is a 'checklist' or a reference tool for system designers to ensure that Smart Card Management Systems have all the necessary features to support the particular products in question.

"The addition of delegate management features to this 'checklist' will facilitate the system integration process and simplify the procedure of creating a secure Smart Card Management Environment where an issuer can authorize a third party to effectively manage cards and applications. It is another step forward for GlobalPlatform in its path to standardize smart card infrastructure for the long term benefit of the industry."

The GlobalPlatform SCMS Functional Requirements v4.0 is available for royalty-free download from


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* GlobalPlatform is designed to provide maximum flexibility to the card issuer and its business partners regarding card content management, while ensuring that the card issuer keeps control over the card content present on the card. Delegated Management provides this capability so that a card issuer can provide an application provider with the capability to perform specific card content management.


Driven by over 50 cross-industry member organizations, GlobalPlatform is the leading, international association, focused on establishing and maintaining interoperable specifications for single and multi-application smart cards, acceptance devices and systems infrastructure that deliver benefits to Issuers, service providers and technology suppliers.

These specifications are known as the standard for smart card infrastructure, thanks to their balance of technical superiority and business justification.

GlobalPlatform specifications are available royalty-free and have been adopted in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia by many public and private bodies. Currently, there are over 25 GlobalPlatform-based smart card implementations world-wide and approximately 70 million GlobalPlatform cards are in global circulation.

GlobalPlatform is an independent, not-for-profit organization and its strategy is defined and prioritized by a Board of Directors. GlobalPlatform is currently chaired by Chairman Robert E. Beer, Vice President Business Development, Datacard Group.

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