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GlobalPlatform Membership Continues to Grow as it Welcomes CARDigence

26 May 2009 – GlobalPlatform, the international specification body for smart card infrastructure has welcomed CARDigence as its newest Consultant Member. The i ndependent consultancy, which specializes in providing strategic and technical consulting and implementation services for smart card projects, joins GlobalPlatform to gain an insight into the organization’s latest advancements within the mobile and ID card sectors.

As a Consultant Member, CARDigence will be able to monitor developments in GlobalPlatform’s card, device and systems technology and debate the organization’s business and technical priorities by participating in the Advisory Council; a forum attended by GlobalPlatform’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The company will also have the opportunity to engage in GlobalPlatform’s Government and Mobile Task Force initiatives.

Thomas Hagn, Founder of CARDigence, comments: “Open and flexible methods for implementing new business models and application scenarios based on modern smart card technologies are vital if the market is to succeed in delivering a near-field-communication (NFC) mobile world. Due to their scalability and neutrality, GlobalPlatform Specifications support a variety of application models which will facilitate advanced new mobile projects and assist the market in realizing its potential. CARDigence has identified the value of GlobalPlatform technology and looks forward to participating in the organization’s future activities.”

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, adds: “Consultancies such as CARDigence have a wealth of expertise, market knowledge and experience, and play an important role in the growth and progression of the smart card industry through their advisory services to a range of issuers. CARDigence’s clear commitment to creating an open infrastructure and eagerness to support new business models based on GlobalPlatform technology makes the company a valued addition to our membership base.”

To qualify for Consultant Membership, firms must only employ one or two consultants, who cannot have full or part time employment at a publicly held company, government agency or educational institute. The annual fee is US $1,500. For further details visit


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About CARDigence

CARDigence is an independent consultancy engaged in smart card and smart card management technologies and is providing services in all areas of the smart card market. The company has vast experience in card management technologies as well as in the management of smart card projects. CARDigence supports the costumers during the whole lifecycle of a project from the conceptual to the implementation and deployment phase. For more information about CARDigence visit:

About GlobalPlatform

*2009 is the 10 th anniversary of GlobalPlatform - to learn more about its achievements click here*

GlobalPlatform is the world leader in smart card infrastructure development. Its proven technical specifications for cards, devices and systems are regarded as the industry standard for achieving interoperable, sustainable and flexible smart card deployments that support multi-application, multi-actor and multi-business model implementations.

GlobalPlatform is a member driven association with cross-industry representation from all world continents. As of October 2008, an estimated 305.7 million GlobalPlatform-based smart cards had been deployed globally and an additional two billion mid range USIM/SIM cards worldwide are estimated to use GlobalPlatform card technology to enable over-the-air (OTA) application downloads for 3G and GSM mobile networks.

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