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GlobalPlatform Launches Developers’ Kit to Ease and Expedite Development of Secure Mobile Services

Organization increases access to GlobalPlatform technologies through new ‘GlobalPlatform for Developers’ initiative

May 22 2017 – GlobalPlatform has launched a Secure Element Mobile Services Kit to support rapid and widespread growth of secure Android mobile services. The GlobalPlatform for Developers: Secure Element Mobile Services Kit provides application developers with all the tools they need to create a secure mobile application utilizing a secure element (SE).

The kit is the third installment of a new ‘GlobalPlatform for Developers’ initiative. The initiative reflects a commitment from the organization to provide the developer community with tools, training, support and resources which will enhance understanding, familiarity and access to GlobalPlatform technologies. A key driver behind the launch of this particular kit is the increasing integration of SEs within more and more devices globally. This has generated new demand from the developer community to utilize SEs and the corresponding knowledge and tools to enable them to do so.

The kit includes directions and tools to create a development environment that enables developers to build, load and manage their customized applications. Developers only need a NFC-enabled smartphone and computer to compile and run the applications.

The kit comprises the following key components:

  1. A SE utility tool which provides a secure channel from the development environment to the SE and access to perform card content management.
  2. Source code for the three typical elements of a mobile service:
    1. A SE application, in the form of a Java Card application, which protects, securely stores and remotely tops up credit, that is used to perform secure transactions.
    2. A mobile application, in the form of an Android wallet, which provides developers with a template to aid their understanding of how to make a secure connection to the SE application.
    3. A remote server application script which allows the SE application to be remotely updated.
  3. A point of sale simulator used to test that applications built from the source code (above) works as intended.

Developers can also purchase accessories including a contact and contactless reader to connect the SE to the development environment, and sample SEs for development and testing purposes.

Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform’s Technical Director, comments: “This is a very exciting announcement for both GlobalPlatform and the global application development community. The pace at which mobile services are being launched worldwide is rising exponentially and as a consequence, the need for greater security within the mobile environment is higher than ever before.

“GlobalPlatform recognizes the value in ensuring that application developers are aware of the security, interoperability and usability advantages that GlobalPlatform technologies deliver. To ensure a future where innovative, mass market secure mobile services can be fully realized, it is essential that as an organization we promote, and offer easy accessibility to, our standardized infrastructure. The launch of the Secure Element Mobile Services Kit will give developers everything they need to become experts in writing mobile applications which can be secured by a SE. This is the first step in a much broader initiative by GlobalPlatform to engage the global development community directly. We look forward to continuing our work with this important audience and bringing forward new tools and resources in the near term which will continue to boost familiarity with, and accessibility to, GlobalPlatform technologies.”

Future installments of the ‘GlobalPlatform for Developers’ initiative focused on Secure Elements will be the launch of an online developers’ forum, developer training initiatives and hackathons to drive developer innovation. Separately, the ‘GlobalPlatform for Developers’ initiative has already delivered a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) developer workshop and a TEE Hackathon.

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About GlobalPlatform
GlobalPlatform is a non-profit industry association driven by over 100 member companies. Members share a common goal to develop GlobalPlatform’s specifications, which are today highly regarded as the international standard for enabling digital services and devices to be trusted and securely managed throughout their lifecycle.

GlobalPlatform protects digital services by standardizing and certifying a security hardware/firmware combination, known as a secure component, which acts as an on-device trust anchor. This facilitates collaboration between service providers and device manufacturers, empowering them to ensure adequate security within all devices to protect against threats.

GlobalPlatform specifications also standardize the secure management of digital services and devices once deployed in the field. Altogether, GlobalPlatform enables convenient and secure digital service delivery to end users, while supporting privacy, regardless of market sector or device type. Devices secured by GlobalPlatform include smartphones, tablets, set top boxes, wearables, connected cars, other Internet-of- Things (IoT) devices and smart cards.

The technology’s widespread global adoption delivers cost and time-to-market efficiencies to all. Market sectors adopting GlobalPlatform technology include payments, telecoms, transportation, automotive, smart cities, smart home, utilities, healthcare, premium content, government and enterprise ID.

GlobalPlatform’s legacy of successful technical specification development is thanks to two decades of energetic and effective industry collaboration.  Members influence the organization’s output through participation in technical committees, working groups and strategic task forces. GlobalPlatform technology is developed in collaboration with numerous standards bodies and regional organizations across the world, to ensure continual relevance and timeliness. For more information visit

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