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GlobalPlatform Finalizes Card Compliance Program and Test Kit

Standardised verification platform updated to include new and revised tests for compliance to GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.1

17 September 2003 - GlobalPlatform, the global leader in smart card infrastructure development, in conjunction with ICC Solutions, announces the completion of its Card Compliance Program and Test Kit.

The completed Card Compliance Program and Test Kit consist of procedures and testing components which provide the processes and tools necessary to verify a smart card’s functional compliance to the GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.1. It is an evolution of Phase One of the Card Compliance Test Kit, which was launched in April 2002, which tested only mandatory features of GlobalPlatform compliant cards. The updated version addresses all mandatory and optional features of the specification and allows verification of a card’s functional compliance for any card configuration and combination of optional features.

The finalized Test Kit also incorporates revisions to the previously released tests, based on the validation and review of earlier versions by vendors in a typical development environment, who have used the tests extensively since the launch of Phase One to verify products in-house.

The Card Compliance Program enables a reduction in the need for proprietary testing of new smart card products for compliance to the GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.1, by providing a widely accepted, standardized testing base. This leads to cost and time reductions for card manufacturers, issuers and other parties wanting to confirm a product’s functional compliance to the GlobalPlatform standard.

Marc Kekicheff, GlobalPlatform’s Technical Director and Chair of the organization’s Card Committee, comments: “Since Phase One of this Program was delivered in 2002, the GlobalPlatform Card Committee has been working closely with ICC Solutions to finalize the tests for all possible configurations of GlobalPlatform cards. Now that this milestone has been achieved and the Card Compliance Program is complete, GlobalPlatform has laid the foundations for the development of a broader compliance program which will eventually span cards, devices and systems.” GlobalPlatform’s Card Committee worked in conjunction with ICC Solutions to develop and implement the Test Kit for the GlobalPlatform Card Compliance Program.

Dave Maisey, Managing Director at ICC Solutions, comments: “We are firmly committed to supplying powerful and efficient test tools that will help enhance quality and promote confidence during the complete testing cycle, from development through to issuance. It has been a pleasure to work with GlobalPlatform to complete this very comprehensive Card Compliance Test Kit, which undoubtedly will positively support the adoption and implementation of GlobalPlatform technology on a global scale, using a standardized testing environment.”

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Notes to editors

GlobalPlatform Card Compliance Program - This standardised compliance platform will also lead to the facilitated design, faster development and automated verification of smart card products. It will do this by providing a widely accepted, standardised testing base - which identifies and classifies mandatory and optional functions of GlobalPlatform compliant products - to allow product providers to self-test, and issuers to verify, functional compliance to the GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.1. The Card Compliance Program will give essential information about the specification and how the functionality of a product can be tested to show that it behaves in accordance with it.

By providing the necessary tools to check functionality during development, the Card Compliance Program will allow errors to be detected and corrected early and will continue to facilitate easier and faster testing of a product for functional compliance at all stages of its lifecycle. Incremental testing will be undertaken only if it is needed to support specific implementation of cards developed to the GlobalPlatform Specification.

While the initial focus of the Card Compliance Program is the GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.1, the Compliance Program will evolve to support subsequent versions of the GlobalPlatform Card Specification.

About GlobalPlatform

GlobalPlatform is the global leader in smart card infrastructure development and its proven, technical specifications for cards, devices and systems are known as the standard for smart card infrastructure. GlobalPlatform has over 50 cross-industry members with representation from all world continents.

About ICC Solutions ICC Solutions is a global leader in the provision of Chip Test Tools to simplify terminal and chip card application level testing and is focused on supporting organisations world-wide during the migration to chip.

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