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GlobalPlatform Device Technology Aligns with the Latest OMTP Security Requirements

29 September 2008 – GlobalPlatform device technology is one of the only open and proven standards available in the marketplace that supports the trusted execution environment requirements outlined by the Open Mobile Terminal Platform’s (OMTP) Advanced Trusted Environment: OMTP TR1 document. The GlobalPlatform technology required that could achieve OMTP’s recommendation - GPD/STIP* v2.3 Mobile Profile Specification and the Device Application Security Management** (DASM) suite of documents - can be downloaded by industry players from the international smart card specification body’s website.

OMTP, the mobile operator led association, released the extensive hardware security recommendations to provide organizations participating in the mobile value chain with a standard foundation, which enables mobile devices to offer strong security underpinnings to vulnerable and complex applications such as mobile payments. By communicating these recommendations, OMTP aims to encourage industry consistency and interoperability which is vital if new innovative services are to be brought to market cost effectively.

GlobalPlatform device technology specifies the hardware and software components stipulated by OMTP to support applications of varying security needs.

  • GPD / STIP v2.3Mobile Profile Specification – This technology offers a standardized platform which authorizes the isolation of applications with different security levels, enabling the existence of diverse security driven business models to reside on one terminal.
  • DASM - This series of specifications eases application deployment in a multiple actor mobile terminal environment. It compromises of three documents: DASM Concepts and Descriptions, DASM Key and Certificate Management, and DASM Provisioning.

David Rogers , Director of External Relations at OMTP Limited, comments: “As the mobile community enhances its offering, and business models become increasing complicated, it is important to create the requirements that will ensure trust in the very heart of mobile devices and facilitate industry interoperability to ensure the longevity of mobile device implementations. OMTP believes it has achieved this with the release of its TR1 Advanced Trusted Environment document, which provides a foundation that will support future multiple application functionality while protecting mobile devices against malicious actions. We are delighted that organizations implementing GlobalPlatform technology, which is already in the marketplace, can work towards achieving OMTP’s trusted execution environment r ecommendations.”

Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director at GlobalPlatform, adds: “The aim of the GlobalPlatform Device Committee is to define an open architecture and software framework for single and multiple application mobile acceptance devices. Our work with other industry associations, such as OMTP, is crucial to align technology standards across markets, and by doing so, create a secure mobile device infrastructure that will support the increasingly sophisticated mobile services that are being brought to market.”



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Notes to editors

*GPD/STIP – definition
STIP is an abbreviation of Small Terminal Interoperability Platform. GPD is an abbreviation of GlobalPlatform Device. The STIP Specifications became the GPD/STIP Specifications in 2003 when the STIP Consortium transferred its intellectual property assets to GlobalPlatform. The current GPD/STIP technology provides open standards for use on mobile devices and other smart card accepting terminals.

**DASM – definition
This specification is a suite of documents that define standards for device application and security management for GlobalPlatform devices. About GlobalPlatform
GlobalPlatform is the global leader in smart card infrastructure development and its proven, technical specifications for cards, devices and systems are known as the standard for smart card infrastructure. GlobalPlatform is a member driven association with cross-industry representation from all world continents. For more information, visit: About OMTP
OMTP is a forum funded by companies from across the mobile phone value chain, set up with the aim of gathering and driving mobile terminal requirements to ensure consistent and secure implementations, thereby reducing fragmentation and simplifying the customer experience of mobile data services across mobile terminals.  OMTP is backed by many of the largest mobile operators and has members from 24 hardware and software vendors across the value chain. OMTP recommendations benefit carriers, content providers, middleware vendors and handset manufacturers to develop open and compatible mobile devices.  For more information, visit

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