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GlobalPlatform Converges With ISO On 7816-13 Standard

> White Papers & Guides > Audio / Video > Newsletters > Industry Interviews > Executive Profiles GlobalPlatform Converges With ISO On 7816-13 Standard GlobalPlatform will be first to offer card management systems an easy migration path to ISO smart card standard

07 November, 2006 - GlobalPlatform, the international smart card standards body, has started work towards incorporating the new ISO 7816-13 international standard into the GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.2. The move comes in anticipation of ISO’s expected release of 7816-13: commands for application management in a multi-application environment, in 2007.

ISO 7816-13, which is intended to support implementations in a multi-application environment, was released as a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) in November 2006. This is the final form of a proposed specification before it is adopted as an international standard. National standardization bodies now have the opportunity to vote for its acceptance and a positive majority vote will result in ISO 7816-13 being officially released in mid 2007.

By commencing the implementation of 7816-13 within the GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.2 now, GlobalPlatform aims to become the first standards body to be fully compliant to ISO 7816-13 when it is finalized next year. This will enable the organization to provide card management systems with a simple migration path from the existing GlobalPlatform Specifications to the new ISO standard.

The final draft of 7816-13 includes technology contributed by GlobalPlatform and the organization has worked closely with ISO on the development of the new standard since 2004. It is thanks to this close association and common technology foundation that GlobalPlatform is able to commence work on integrating 7816-13 with the GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.2 in advance of ISO’s official release of the standard.

Marc Kekicheff, Vice Chair of GlobalPlatform, who is responsible for driving GlobalPlatform’s involvement within ISO, comments: “By amending the GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.2 to include ISO 7816-13, we are reassuring those organizations which choose to implement GlobalPlatform Specifications that their investment and technology is 100% future-proof, since it complies with an official international smart card series standard.

“This development also makes it easy for organizations using GlobalPlatform based technology to comply with the new standard through the updated Card Specification v2.2, ultimately saving them time and money.

“After investing so much time working with ISO on the development of the new 7816-13 standard, it is a real privilege for GlobalPlatform that the technology contributed by the organization has been included within the final proposed draft. This progress brings GlobalPlatform another step closer to realizing its key objective; to ensure world-wide standards for multi-application smart card implementations.”

GlobalPlatform first became actively involved in the development of the new ISO standard in November 2004, when the organization made a significant technical contribution to the ISO 7816-13 standard, based on GlobalPlatform's Card Specification v2.1.1. GlobalPlatform’s contribution was supported by the American National Standards Institute, with sector experts from Japan and Germany also providing input.

In March 2005, GlobalPlatform was granted Liaison Member status on ISO's technical committee responsible for developing standards in the smart card series. As a Category C Member, GlobalPlatform became eligible to contribute to, and participate in, the debates and development of consensus for the new standard. As such, GlobalPlatform has been intrinsically involved in the creation of the international standard for multi-application smart card infrastructures.


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