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GlobalPlatform Brings IoT Security to Nuremberg with SE IoT Technical Workshop

21 January 2020 – GlobalPlatform, the standard for secure digital services and devices, alongside prime sponsor Oracle and supporting sponsors STMicroelectronics and Able Device, is hosting a free technical workshop in Nuremberg on Thursday February 27, 2020. The full day workshop will educate delegates on the value of Secure Elements (SEs) to secure and enrich the deployment of internet of things (IoT) devices.

The workshop offers project managers, security experts, product suppliers, technical consultants, developers and systems integrators an opportunity to gain insight into why SEs can add value to IoT devices and how they can be quickly and cost effectively integrated to offer Root of Trust services. Beginning with an overview of the SE itself and the latest SE technologies for IoT, the workshop will be focused on use cases and demonstrations which expose key IoT security and implementation challenges and how the SE can be used to solve them.

“The increasing integration of connected devices into our everyday lives emphasizes the need for standardized security platforms on which innovation can thrive,” comments GlobalPlatform Executive Director Kevin Gillick. “The free technical workshop is an unparalleled opportunity for anyone involved in the deployment and management of IoT devices. Delegates will gain first-hand insight into the technologies themselves and be exposed to real use cases for how the SE can solve IoT security implementation challenges for any device.”

The workshop will be presented by GlobalPlatform Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, alongside Oracle’s Senior Director of Java card, Calinel Pasteanu. The opening two sessions will include an introduction to SE technology and its uses in IoT. Oracle will offer an in-depth overview of how Java Card technology, as an open and standards-based application engine, delivers security and connectivity services to suppliers of IoT devices and solutions. The final session will focus on use cases for multi-cloud authentication and secure communication using Java Card, onboarding technologies, attestation and chip to cloud data protection. For many of these cases, a demonstration and / or source code explanation will be shared.

The workshop is scheduled at a time and location that will be convenient for those attending Embedded World. Space is limited for this free-to-attend workshop. Register now to avoid disappointment.

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