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GlobalPlatform, the cross industry smart card group, has announced its new Board of Directors following its first on-line elections. The new members were announced at GlobalPlatform’s All Member meeting in Paris during Cartes 2000 and will take office from 1 November 2000.

Steve Brown, Business Development Manager for Smart Cards, BT has been elected to continue as Chair, with Jim Lee, Senior Vice President, Visa International as Vice Chair. Treasurer and Secretary is Graeme Ward of ACI. Other Board members are Gerry Smith of American Express, Toni Merschen of Citibank, Jerry Johnson of Datacard, Masonori Maeda of JCB, Hirofumi Hotta of NTT; Yves Moulart of Proton World, Ian Jenkins of Telstra and Chung Wook Suh of TTA.

The Board oversees the management and establishes the priorities of GlobalPlatform and controls budgets and Membership meetings. The Board has final review of all changes to the specifications and standards.

Steve Brown, Chair, said, “It is a great honour to be elected to serve a further term as Chair of GlobalPlatform. The Board ensures that the various committees within GlobalPlatform develop the most pragmatic and implementable solutions and that GlobalPlatform continues to take a focused, results-based approach to growth and development. GlobalPlatform has a clear road map to reach its objectives and the new Board will play a significant part in reaching this destination.”


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About GlobalPlatform:

GlobalPlatform is the only cross-industry forum focused on the development, management and promotion of specifications for multiple application smart cards, smart card applications, and enabling devices. With support from its global member organizations, GlobalPlatform promotes a standard framework facilitating the implementation of smart card programs in any industry around the world. GlobalPlatform allows flexibility in the choice of technologies and vendors through an emphasis on open standards for cards, terminals and support infrastructure. The Open Platform card and terminal specifications are the first open standards adopted by GlobalPlatform and will provide a solid foundation from which the organization will define the future of multiple application smart cards.

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