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New Member of Board to Oversee Contactless Card Collaboration with Japanese Government Funded Body

The GlobalPlatform Board of Directors has elected Mr Shoji Miyamoto - Deputy General Manager, Business Solution Systems Division of Hitachi Ltd – to become the organisation’s first Strategic Director. In his new position, Mr Miyamoto will serve on the Board for one year, during which time he will facilitate an initiative with Japanese Government funded organisation, Next Generation Ic Card System Study Group (NICSS) to develop contactless multiple application smart cards for use by local Japanese authorities.

Mr Miyamoto will be responsible for developing the relationship between GlobalPlatform and NICSS, where he is also a Board Member. It is hoped that a collaboration between the two organisations will lead to GlobalPlatform technology providing the common platform for next generation IC card systems for public use in Japan.

Commenting on Mr Miyamoto’s new role, Steve Brown, Chairman of GlobalPlatform says: “Mr Miyamoto’s previous experience as a GlobalPlatform Board member, coupled with his strategic knowledge of our organisation and his close links with NICSS and Japan make him an ideal candidate for this role. I am delighted that he accepted our nomination to stand for this position and as the first Strategic Director to be elected by the GlobalPlatform Board, I am confident that he will set a very high standard for others to follow. I look forward to the future successful relationship between GlobalPlatform and NICSS that will result from Mr Miyamoto’s efforts.”

The role of Strategic Director was created in August 2001, when the GlobalPlatform Board implemented the decision to allow up to two new Board positions. Under the scheme, the 11 Board Directors elected by the consortium’s Full Members are entitled to elect up to two Strategic Directors at any one time, allowing them to fully utilise the strengths and skills of Member organisations when they require additional advice or expertise regarding a particular strategic issue.

Strategic Director positions are not always occupied and those elected to fill these positions hold no voting rights. All GlobalPlatform Members of good standing, regardless of Membership level, are eligible to serve as Strategic Director.

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