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Collis Becomes A GlobalPlatform Member

Leiden (NL) and Foster City ( USA), 13 February, 2007 – Collis, a leading global competence center in the design and testing of electronic transaction systems, has become the latest organization to join the expanding membership of GlobalPlatform.

Collis’ membership of the international specifications body closely follows the launch, in November 2006, of the first phase of the GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Test Suite for Profile and Scripting, which was developed for GlobalPlatform by Collis. Collis has developed a number of technical solutions for GlobalPlatform in previous years and the GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Test Suite for Profile and Scripting is the latest joint work effort to be completed. It is available from*

Collis joins GlobalPlatform as an Observer Member, enabling the company to closely track the debates and activities of all GlobalPlatform technical committees. Collis will also join other member organizations by participating in GlobalPlatform’s Advisory Council, which provides direct access for members to the GlobalPlatform Executive Director and Board of Directors.

Berend van Geffen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Collis, comments: “Our GlobalPlatform membership is yet another milestone in our vision to continue to excel as the global competence centre in the EMV, e-Identification and mobile markets. We are very pleased to further strengthen our relationship with GlobalPlatform via this membership. Collis looks forward to many more joint initiatives to continue the success of projects such as the GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Test Suite for Profiling and Scripting.”

Bob Beer, Chairman of GlobalPlatform and Vice President of Business Development at Datacard Group, adds: “GlobalPlatform has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Collis as a technology provider and has witnessed first–hand the capabilities and expertise the organization has to offer. We are delighted that Collis has decided to cement this relationship through membership to GlobalPlatform. It clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to the development and promotion of interoperable smart card specifications across the card, device and systems infrastructure.”

* The first phase of the GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Test Suite for Profile and Scripting includes test specifications, test scripts and a profile library. It enables issuers and vendors of smart card management systems to quickly and thoroughly self-test the compliance of their systems to the GlobalPlatform Profile and Scripting Specifications . This will result in a faster and more efficient development process for card issuance systems, greater assurances of a system’s interoperability and will ultimately enable issuers to multi-source solutions from GlobalPlatform compliant vendors. For further information visit or



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About Collis BV

Collis is the leading global competence centre in the design and testing of card transaction systems. Collis has delivered significant contributions to the EMV, e-Identification and 3G/GSM markets for over a decade with high quality Testing Tools and expert consultancy and training. Collis testing tools and consulting services are used by financial institutions (banks), government (research) departments and by Telco’s as well as card and terminal vendors. Collis is an official Visa Chip Migration Partner, a member of the MasterCard Vendor Program and GlobalPlatform. Enjoying official recognition of credit card industry leaders, Collis is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. This status confirms that Collis customers can rely on continuous high quality of standards and services. It also proves that Collis has a strong customer focus and aims at maximum customer satisfaction in all activities. For more information about Collis, visit: /

About GlobalPlatform

GlobalPlatform is the global leader in smart card infrastructure development and its proven, technical specifications for cards, devices and systems are known as the standard for smart card infrastructure. GlobalPlatform is a member driven association with cross-industry representation from all world continents. For more information about GlobalPlatform, visit:

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