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Collis And GlobalPlatform Launch The GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Test Suite For Profile And Scripting

Tests to validate compliance of products to GlobalPlatform Systems Specifications offer issuers assurance of systems interoperability and increased multi-sourcing opportunities

Leiden (NL) & Foster City (USA) 23 October, 2006 – Collis and GlobalPlatform have launched the first phase of the GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Program, in the form of the GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Test Suite for Profile and Scripting, developed by Collis for GlobalPlatform. The Test Suite, which includes test specifications, test scripts and a profile library, will enable issuers and vendors of smart card management systems to quickly and thoroughly self-test the compliance of their systems to the GlobalPlatform Profile and Scripting Specifications.

This will result in a faster and more efficient development process for card issuance systems, greater assurances of a system’s interoperability and will ultimately enable issuers to multi-source solutions from GlobalPlatform compliant vendors.

The new GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Test Suite can be used for testing Application Issuer systems, Card Issuer systems, Collator/Loader systems, Card Manufacturer systems and IC Manufacturer systems. Tests are performed to check if systems are compliant with the XML Scheme Document (XSD) profile definitions and whether systems act according to the scripting specifications. All the methods and properties of the scripting objects such as cryptography, keys and byte strings can be tested to ensure correct functionality. The GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Test Suite runs on top of the successful Conclusion Test Platform developed by Collis.

Card System Manufacturers can develop GlobalPlatform functionalities on their machines by checking them against the test suites in the GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Test Suite. Additionally, the GlobalPlatform Test Suite can be used by Card System Manufacturers during the adaptation of their machines to the GlobalPlatform system.

Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, CEO of Collis, comments: “We are pleased to launch the GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Test Suite to the industry. The commercial availability of our tool ensures fast and efficient compliance to GlobalPlatform’s Profile & Scripting Specifications. The high quality and powerful testing features of the new GlobalPlatform Test Suite are guaranteed to provide a GlobalPlatform compliant system and smoother systems integration leading to a considerable reduction in the time-to-market.”

Bob Beer, Chairman of GlobalPlatform, adds: “By enabling issuers to test a product’s adherence to the GlobalPlatform Profile and Scripting Specifications, we can provide issuers with an assurance that their solutions are transportable from one compliant vendor to another. This will ultimately result in a more open environment for sourcing and multi-sourcing products and will ensure compatibility and long term investment protection.”

Phase Two of the GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance program will be introduced in the future to enhance test coverage on compliance to the GlobalPlatform Messaging Specification.

The GlobalPlatform Systems Compliance Test Suite is the property of GlobalPlatform and GlobalPlatform members receive this test suite free of charge. The Conclusion Test Platform is the property of Collis.

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GlobalPlatform Profile and Scripting Specifications – An Overview
In GlobalPlatform multi-application smart card infrastructures, there are systems which need to exchange information regarding smart cards, their applications, and the associated cryptographic and applet information which is necessary both to produce and manage an issuer’s smart cards.

GlobalPlatform has tasked itself with creating standards to help streamline the system integration for card issuing. There are currently two specifications which help standardize the card customization process. The GlobalPlatform Systems Scripting Language Specifications facilitate flexibility for smart card personalization by standardizing the scripting engine to produce interoperable personalization scripts throughout the card life cycle. The GlobalPlatform Systems Profiles Specifications provide a framework for smart card management by standardizing the exchange of detailed information for data preparation and personalization.

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