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CETECOM Becomes a GlobalPlatform Member

10 December 2013 – Global smart card testing service provider, CETECOM, has joined GlobalPlatform as a Participating Member. The company specializes in the delivery of independent consulting, qualified testing and approved certification for the telecommunications and information technology industries.

CETECOM has identified participation in the GlobalPlatform compliance program as a key priority in order to work towards becoming a recognized GlobalPlatform testing laboratory. As the association which standardizes the management of applications on secure chip technology, GlobalPlatform seeks to ensure the advancement and maintenance of an interoperable, sustainable and trusted end-to-end environment for managing applications on secure chip technology. The association is achieving this through its established testing infrastructure and qualified test tool providers and laboratories.

As a Participating Member, CETECOM will also contribute to GlobalPlatform's market-specific task forces and Card Committee. The aim of the Card Committee is to define industry and technology neutral specifications for the implementation and management of tamper-resistant chips - such as smart cards and SEs. This supports the deployment of contactless near field communication-enabled services to mobile devices, identity documents and advanced services onto smart cards, for example payments, transit or loyalty.

Oliver Altmeyer, Consultant at CETECOM, comments: “By listening to the requirements of our customers we have identified the extension of our product offering as a key priority. We are therefore committing resources to membership of GlobalPlatform in order to work towards becoming a recognized GlobalPlatform test laboratory. This will enable us to better serve the current and future needs of our customer base and open up new market segments.”

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, adds: “Continued engagement from international test laboratories is a testament to the benefits of the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program and representative of the demand from the marketplace for these services. The GlobalPlatform test laboratories and tools are key elements in establishing and maintaining market compliance and interoperability. We look forward to receiving the benefit of CETECOM’s expertise, technical knowledge and experience in our standards development work and compliance activity."

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