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Configurations / Test Suites Supported:

Basic Financial Configuration v1.5
Financial Configuration v1.0.2
Common Implementation Configuration v2.1
Mapping Guidelines v1.0.1
eUICC M2M v3.2
eUICC Consumer v2.2.x SGP.22 - v2.1 / v2.2
eUICC Consumer SGP.23
eUICC M2M v4.1 & v4.2
eUICC M2M Test Suite v1.2.0
Compact IoT Configuration 1.0
UICC v2.0
UICC Configuration v1.0 / v2.0
UICC 1.0 Compliance Test Suite v2.5.0
UICC 1.0 Compliance Test Suite v2.5.0.4
UICC Contactless Extension v1.0
UICC Contactless Extension Test Suite v3.3.0
UICC Contactless Extension v1.0
UICC Memory Management Test Suite v1.0.0
UICC Contactless Extension v1.0
UICC SCP81 Extension Test Suite v1.8.0.1
Secure Element Configuration v2.0
SEAC Card v1.0.8
SEAC Device v1.0.6 / v1.1.0
SWP and HCI R10/R9
Contactless Extension v2.0
Contactless Extension Test Suite v1.0.0
Contactless Extension v2.0
Memory Management Test Suite v2.0.0
Contactless Extension v2.0
SWP and HCI Test Suite v1.0.3 / v2.0.5
TEE Initial Configuration v1.1
SCP11 Test Suite v1.0.0
ELF Upgrade Test Suite v1.0.0.1
Compact IoT Configuration v1.0
ID Configuration v1.0
eUICC Consumer v2.2.x
eUICC Consumer SGP.23 Compliance Test Suite (eUICC Consumer SGP.23 v1.1.0 Test Spec)
eUICC Consumer - SIMalliance Interoperable Profile Test Suite (SIMalliance 2.3.1 Test Spec.)
Remote Application Management over HTTP - Amendment B v1.1.1
Secure Channel Protocol 11 (a and b)
ELF Upgrade - Amendment H V1.1
eUICC M2M Compliance Test Suite (eUICC M2M SGP.11 v4.2.1 Test Spec.) v2.4.0
eUICC M2M - SIMalliance Interoperable Profile Test Suite (SIMalliance 2.3.1 Test Spec.) v1.4.1
eUICC M2M v 4.2 (SGP.02 Spec.)
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