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Join GlobalPlatform’s Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum

Join us on December 6th as we discuss use cases and findings from our first Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum.

Attendance is free of charge and invites automotive leaders from both member and non-member companies to collaborate on current cybersecurity topics. Details about our next forum coming soon. 

GlobalPlatform’s Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum brings the automotive value chain together with experts on trusted digital services to address the latest developments in the ecosystem and work to futureproof connected services. The forum will involve discussions around how automotive leaders can respond to recent stringent changes in regulatory requirements and standards (e.g., on cybersecurity management UNECE 155, software updates UN 156, the Fair Repair Bill in different states in the US, the Software Bill of Materials).

Don’t be a Passenger: Join the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum!

The forum specifies requirements and enables cross-industry engagement on cybersecurity, including:

  • How best to deploy secure components - Secure Element (SE), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) - for automotive use cases
  • Potential refinements to the functionality of GlobalPlatform solutions
  • Identification of any gaps around cybersecurity within the GlobalPlatform domain (solutions, guidelines, specifications, certifications)
  • Managing certification for updatable components
  • Guidelines and open-source development on Trusted Platform Services APIs, and a universal language to access secure services provided by SEs, TEEs and proprietary solutions
  • An evaluation methodology that can be the basis of an automotive certification scheme regarding UNECE
  • How the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) should be deployed in the automotive environment, specifically relating to updatable security certified components
  • How to define a winning post-quantum crypto migration strategy; the possibility to update the OS of the certified components; and selection of the right post-quantum crypto or hybrid approach to be deployed between today and the 2030 deadline

Additional working areas include:

  • Attestation and trust
  • Right to repair vs untrustworthy data
  • A framework for managing user data across systems in the car, e.g., location (respecting privacy vs. data monetization vs. seamless experience across devices)

Important information 

Time and date: TBC

Venue: TBC

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