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Discussing Security in Our Connected World

Interest in GlobalPlatform’s annual seminar continues to grow year-on-year. Here, Executive Director Kevin Gillick points the spotlight on some key learnings from ‘Security in Our Connected World.’

This year’s seminar has been our biggest and best seminar to date!

‘Security in Our Connected World’ brought together both Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Secure Element (SE) technologies, alongside associated business and technical use cases. Our delegates learned from some of the industry’s foremost experts about secure component technologies and their value in safeguarding secure digital services and devices, from the edge right through to the cloud.

With so many informative presentations, interesting debates and exciting use cases focusing on one of this year’s hot topics - the internet of things (IoT) - the source material for this blog was extensive. There are some key learnings that really stood out, though.

Firstly (and as always!) everyone is looking for the holy grail - a secure system that will do everything, is easy-to-use and, ideally, free. This may not exist just yet, but there is widespread commitment amongst industry stakeholders to get us there.

Something our industry has already achieved, however, is an increasingly mature understanding of how secure components can meet the security requirements of different use cases. This experience is proving invaluable in supporting the rise of the IoT, especially as we gain a greater understanding of the IoT lifecycle and the importance of certification for those devices – whether driven by regulation or a need for commercial differentiation.

As new use cases that TEEs and SEs can support come to the fore, from cryptocurrency and blockchain right through to AI and connected cars, one thing that remains the same is the importance of standardization. With so many cloud platforms across the world, our sector must find ways to support them all without an explosion of different proprietary hardware and software solutions that undermine our ultimate goal of open, collaborative ecosystems.

Moreover, it was exciting to see myriad discussions surrounding digital identity in IoT, fog computing and GlobalPlatform’s Device Trust Architecture (DTA) among delegates. This high level of interest from the Chinese market reflects the region’s commitment to securing the IoT ecosystem locally as well as globally.

The range of attendees – from the C-Suite, engineering and product and business development – created the perfect environment for delegates to network and share ideas about securing the consumer and industrial IoT. GlobalPlatform’s growing Chinese membership highlights the region’s importance to the IoT. In recognition of this growth, we were delighted to have keynote presentations from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and Alibaba, who explored ‘Cyber-Security and Data Protection Along with Big Data’ and ‘Standards to Foster a more Secure Eco-system’ respectively.

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