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Watchdata System

Since its establishment in 1994, Watchdata has been taking the lead to develop and provide security enabling solutions for electronic transaction applications and data critical e-commerce activities, based on its expertise in data security and encryption technology.

With the development of China’s first own proprietary smart card operation system TimeCOS in 1995, Watchdata has been one of the driving forces in improving security for electronic transaction systems and has played a key and defining role in the introduction of smart card technology in China. Watchdata’s offerings range from smart card operating system, smart card, card terminals, card management system, and public key infrastructure (PKI) products to security consulting.

Watchdata owns its own Operation System, TimeCOS. It is the first Proprietary Operation System in China. Having full control of the Operation System, Watchdata ensures the success of our customers with the empowerment of our high quality products and the efficient speed of delivery to the market.

Watchdata not only remains committed to providing data security to companies and organizations both in the public and commercial sectors, Watchdata aids in attaining a higher level of security for IT services. Being ranked as the worldwide No. 6 smart card vendor in 2004 (worldwide top 10 smart card vendor from 2001-2005) and the market leader in China, Watchdata has provided innovative, leading edge security solutions to meet the end-to-end security needs of many organizations. Moreover, Watchdata has also been crowned No. 1 in the Top 100 Most Promising SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in early 2006.

Watchdata has been greatly involved in standardization organizations. Watchdata is a member of ETSI, EuroSmart and MasterCard Worldwide.

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