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UBIVELOX has strong technology and accumulated experience in the area of mobile widget and web service, solutions and service platforms for telematics and mobile. In addiction, UBIVELOX is the strong and competent company that has developed and supplied competitive smart card chips in various areas including finance, communication, transportation and public services as well as integrated smart card solutions to financial institution first in Korea, based on original technology of smart card areas.

Company description : UBIVELOX is a provider of smart card and mobile payment solutions to the banking, transport, telecommunications, M2M and government sectors. It was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Korea. Each year, the company delivers over 80 million banking cards to its customers, in addition to producing up to 50 million licensed system on chip (SoC) cards. In doing so UBIVELOX focuses on two business domains: smart cards and mobile convergence solutions, including smart card systems and secure elements,and mobile wallets and service platforms. Its product portfolio includes contactless and dual interface EMV cards for high security applications, contactless cards used in access control and an embedded Secure Element(eSE) one-chip packaging solution that works in conjunction with NFC technology for a broad range of secure mobile services.

GlobalPlatform-based solutions: 
SCMS (Smart Card Management Solution)

  • USCMS (UBIVELOX Smart Card Management System)
    The solution to personalize/manage the several applets to smart card/USIM/HCE based on GlobalPlatform card specifications. It is for large scale or real time personalization.
  • UPMS (UBIVELOX Personalization Management System)
    The solution to personalize the several applets in one smart card based on GlobalPlatform card specification in the mid/big-sized personalization device.
  • UPAS
    The solution to personalize the applet in the smart card based on GlobalPlatform Card specification. It is used for small scale personalization.

SCCS (Smart Card Communication Solution)

  • UHIVE (Multi –PerSAM Communication System)
    Solution to communicate with several smart card applets based on GlobalPlatform Card specifications. It is useful to manage or use the several PerSAMs in one place.

GlobalPlatform Implementation Programs: 
Finance card personalization

  • We provided the applet personalization systems such as USCMS, UHIVE (Multi – PerSAM Communication System), UPMS, UPAS to several customersfor EMV transaction in the smart card and mobile phone.

SCCS Non-finance card personalization

  • We provided the applet personalization systems like USCMS, UHIVE (Multi – PerSAM Communication System) to many customers for various purposes such as access control, student confirmation, non-EMV transaction in the smart card and mobile phone.

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