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Safepay Systems Ltd.

SafePay is assisting its partners to design, develop, implement and operate highly secure IoT architectures, as well as mobility services in the financial, retail and transportation industries. Its activities cover the whole service / product life cycle, from conceptualization to design and development and operation and assessment.

SafePay’s product portfolio comprises IoT access control, chip card hosting and management platform, as well as various consumer-facing service architectures.

GlobalPlatform-Based Solutions:

  • CappGate: real-time, over-the-air, secure application provisioning, based on GP card and messaging specifications
  • FEAM: OAuth based access management system using secure elements to decentralize secure service architectures, based on GP messaging specification
  • Multi-reader Card farm: Reader device managing multiple secure elements for cloud-based card operations, based on GP card and messaging specifications

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