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Originally from Oxford University, PQShield has assembled a team of leading minds in post-quantum cryptography. Collectively, its team has decades of experience in developing research, designing solutions and setting standards in the field.

The company’s world-class researchers and engineers are co-authors of multiple finalist algorithms within the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process, which will help define standards for the next generation of public-key cryptography.

PQShield has ready-made licensable hardware designs and software IP in three core areas:

  • Hardware & Software for Embedded Devices: A post-quantum System on Chip crypto co-processor toolkit. Available as both a modular IP license or self-contained solution.
  • Cryptographic SDK for Mobile and Servers: An SDK comprising modern, agile, and secure implementations of post-quantum and classical cryptographic primitives with applications such as PKI, TLS and VPN.
  • Encryption Solution for Messaging: An SDK for enabling end-to-end encrypted messaging solutions using post-quantum algorithms, leveraging a new, provably secure, Signal-derived protocol.

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