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Orange has been providing communication services for 200 years and now serves 230 million customers across Europe. On 1 June 2006, Orange became the France Telecom's single brand for Internet, television and mobile services in France and the United Kingdom, and Orange Business Services the brand for services provided to corporations across the world.

France Telecom is the second largest mobile operator and internet service provider (ISP) in Europe, and one of the world leaders in telecommunications services to multinational companies. France Telecom is listed on the Euronext Paris Eurolist market and on the New York Stock Exchange. The company has 153,000 employees across Europe, holds 6930 patents and provides 4G to 18 different countries.

GlobalPlatform-Based Solutions:

  • A large part of Orange SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card products are currently compatible with GlobalPlatform Card specification v2.1.

GlobalPlatform Implementation Programs:

  • France Telecom has demonstrated GlobalPlatform Device Specification 2.0 in various places including 3GSM World Congress prototyping payment and DRM agents applications.

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