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Claus Dietze

Claus Dietze

GlobalPlatform Secretary / Treasurer

In his current role, Claus is responsible for defining and driving strategic standardization activities within G+D’s business segment Trusted Connected Devices. Prior to this, Claus held various positions in project management, R&D, technology office and product management within G+D since joining the company in 1996.

Claus has a long history in standardization of smart card technologies and was seconded to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) from 2002-2003. In 2009, Claus was appointed Director and Head of Embedded Development for mobile device solutions and software security. He headed the Innovation department within the R&D organization from 2014 onwards and was responsible for carrying out technical feasibility studies and prototyping for new technologies.

Claus has a master’s degree in Computer Sciences from the Collaborative University of Mannheim.

Claus has been a member of GlobalPlatform’s Board of Directors since 2021, and was appointed as Secretary / Treasurer in 2022.

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