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Béatrice Peirani


Dr. Beatrice Peirani is a standardization expert at Thales (former Gemalto), where her work focuses on security and cryptography.

After ten years working with AFNOR, CEN, and ETSI in the field of electronic signatures, and serving as an expert for the European Commission supporting the development of the eIDAS Regulation, Dr. Peirani is now using her expertise to support other standardization organizations. Specifically, since 2016, Dr. Peirani has served as the Chair of GlobalPlatform’s Crypto Sub-Task Force, which evaluates and recommends algorithms for industries such as banks, transportation, and governments. Her work with GlobalPlatform includes overseeing and providing expert input to the organization’s Security Task Force in the areas of cryptographic agility and post-quantum cryptography.

As an active member of the FIDO Alliance, she pushed for the definition of a new security certification methodology for mobile security software solution. She is co-chair of the FIDO Alliance’s Security & Privacy Working Group  and co-chair the organization’s Certification Working Group. She serves as a liaison between the FIDO Alliance and GlobalPlatform, including facilitating the adoption of GlobalPlatform TEE Protection Profile, as a companion program for FIDO Alliance’s Security Level L3.

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