GlobalPlatform for Silicon Vendors

Silicon vendors can use GlobalPlatform’s portfolio of standardized technologies and certifications to design differentiated products that embed trust and answer multiple market requirements.

Silicon-VendorsTo stay competitive in a crowded and complex marketplace, silicon vendors need to differentiate their offerings with robust security features and support multiple evolving market requirements. Already adopted in multiple markets, GlobalPlatform’s standardized technologies give silicon vendors a portfolio of options for designing, producing and certifying innovative hardware solutions that can be immediately used by device makers, digital service providers and developers.

Silicon vendors can pick the security features they need to support their business models and customers, and enable value-added services that maximize the appeal of their products.

What Does GlobalPlatform Offer Silicon Vendors?

The Root of Trust (RoT) concept is widely recognized as foundational to device security and is fast-becoming a mandate for multiple use-cases. Using GlobalPlatform-standardized technologies, silicon vendors can demonstrate their products provide a secure platform upon which to innovate, founded on a RoT and enabling Chains of Trust with TPS APIs.

GlobalPlatform’s standardized technologies, including Secure Element (SE), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), Trusted Platform Services (TPS) APIs and Virtual Primary Platform (VPP), can help silicon vendors meet multiple requirements, mandates and regulations, and are updated to respond as form factors and use-cases evolve.

GlobalPlatform facilitates security and functional testing and certification that is recognized across other schemes. Silicon vendors can use GlobalPlatform-accredited testing tools and laboratories to demonstrate products meet regulations and the requirements of specific vertical and geographic markets.

GlobalPlatform’s Secure Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) Methodology provides IoT silicon vendors with a way to certify products as SESIP components. This will be used by their customer (device manufacturer) to answer specific regional or vertical market requirements.

Silicon vendors can engage in the work of GlobalPlatform’s Technical Committees and Task Forces to help drive the development of standardized technologies that meet the specific security and business needs of their use cases.

Technical Committees manage the maintenance and evolution of GlobalPlatform standardized technologies and certifications. Task Forces provide guidance on market sector and geographical requirements, opportunities, and challenges. These groups are chaired by representatives from GlobalPlatform member organizations.

GlobalPlatform welcomes participation from silicon vendors to learn and contribute best practices, align products to market requirements, contribute key use cases and help drive the organization’s technical roadmap and ensure it answers to market requirements.

Latest Resources for Silicon Vendors

White Paper: GlobalPlatform Technology VPP

As SE technology evolves there are opportunities to leverage new chip architectures, like integrated SEs (iSEs) and enhanced embedded SEs (eSEs) to support new business needs. Our white paper explores the benefits of Virtual Primary Platform (VPP), how it supports a variety of use cases and gives clear areas of responsibility for the certification process.


GlobalPlatform Secure Element Protection Profile – demonstrate trust and compliance

As the use of digital services continues to proliferate, GlobalPlatform’s new Protection Profile offers a simple framework for silicon and SE vendors to demonstrate their products are secure for use across devices and verticals including payment and identity cards, ePassports, smartphones and IoT devices.

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Video: Using SESIP to Simplify Security Evaluation and Build Trusted IoT Products

Executive Director, Kevin Gillick, and Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, present exclusive insights on how silicon vendors SESIP methodology to certify products as SESIP components. The 60 minute webinar includes contributions from Arm, Brightsight, ETSI, NXP Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics and TrustCB.


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